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October 1

Super results for our tricolore showteam at the back to back CACIB show in Maastricht.

On saturday Punch wins the Openclass + CAC/CACIB + BOB judged by Mr.J.Doval!!! Punch has all the needed CAC's for his Dutch Championship but he's too young to finish. So we'll have to wait for that till the beginning of next year.


On sunday George wins the Championclass + CAC/CACIB + BOB judged by Mr.A.Simons!!! It's his 3rd CAC. It'll be exciting to see if we can finish his Dutch Championship before he goes back to Canada in november!

And on sunday Cherry wins the Juniorclass + Junior CAC. It's her 3rd Junior CAC so she has completed the Dutch Junior Championship title!

She won the Res.CAC as well and became Best Junior in Breed. In the mainring she did a great job, she went BIG1-Junior of the Gundog Group and BIS-3 Junior of all breeds that day!!!

Big 'thanks' to the judges!

Woefdram's Labradors

September 17

Punch wins the Openclass + Res.CAC at the LKN Clubshow judged by Mrs.Johanson (DK)!

Woefdram's Labradors

September 11

A great day at the German Lab Clubshow in Bordesholm! Kimberlee Silva of Shadowbrook Labradors (USA) judged all Labs.

Our Piccadilly's Roccin' the Shades (Punch) won Intermediate class + VDH CAC. His 4th Vdh CAC!

Int.Sh.Ch.Woefdram's Whiskey for Romeo (owned by Manuela Kucic and Evy Brady) won Championclass, Best male & BOB!!!


Valerie Delprat took a lovely picture of Punch. He's 2 years old and in a fabulous condition.


Woefdram's Labradors

August 2017

We got some lovely offspring pictures of our Punch. They look very promising!


Pictures: Chielewout, Fan't Detica, Juelsgaard

Woefdram's Labradors

29 July 2017

At the in Rotterdam our Cherry (Endagora Sweet Cherry) won once again the Juniorclass + Junior CAC + Best Junior in Breed.

One Junior CAC to go for the Dutch Junior Championship!

Furthermore, Knox has won a Res.CC in the UK! He has now 2 CC's and 1 Res.CC!

Thanks for the great job you do with him Linda! X

Woefdram's Labradors

7 Juli 2017

Welcome Cherry and Texa!

Cherry comes from Spain, Endagora Sweet Like Cherry (Ch.Charm Bluveil Mr.Darcy x Ch.Endagora Sweet Like Peach)

Texa comes from America, Clearcreek Bonaventure Texas Cowgirl (Ch.Annuals Texas Ranger x Ch.Bonaventure Windfall Glory)

Cherry made a wonderful debut at the Int. show in Echt. She won the Junior class + Junior CAC and even went on to win Best Bitch + CAC!!! Judge: Mrs.H.Warendorf (NL)

Thanks for your trust Sonia, Liz and Benito!

Woefdram's Labradors

18 June 2017

Once again, a super day at the Dutch Labrador Clubshow of the NLV! 220 entered Labs were judged by 4 judges.

Star of the day was our Punch (Piccadilly's Roccin' the Shades) by going BEST DOG!!!

Judge Mrs.Vanessa Malkmus placed him 1st in Intermediate and the judge Mr.Hans Stigt made him Best Dog.


Furthermore we can be proud of our 2 black girls. Mother and daughter: Mia (Cara Mia Herbu Zadora) & Summer (Woefdram's Summer Breeze).

Last year, Mia went Best Bitch at the Clubshow when she was 2 weeks in whelp of Knox (who went Best Dog & Clubwinner). Now, a year later, their daughter Summer wins a huge Juniorclass of 35 entered Junior females under Mrs.Wiles-Fone!

Mia was placed 2nd out of 40 entered Open bitches.

Mrs.Wiles-Fone wrote about Summer:

Eyecatching black, topquality. Displaying super balance and great breed type. Well chiseled head, great body proportions with plenty of forechest. Strong bone well sprung ribs, excellent reat angulation. Covered the ground with ease when moving. Presented in excellent coat and condition and was at one with her handler. 1 Excellent + Junior CAC.

Black is back!

Woefdram's Labradors


Fabulous show results in May!

At the German Lab Clubshow in Hamburg Punch won Openclass + VDH CAC and George won Championclass + VDH CAC. For Best Dog Punch took the R.LCD CAC! Thanks to the judge Mrs.Tanja Nordhues (D).

On May 19 & 20 the biggest dogshow in Germany was held: the Europasieger in Dortmund. On friday (Europasieger, judges Mrs.Waskaas and Mrs.Neuburger) more than 100 Labs were entered and on saturday (International, judge Mr.Frank Kane) there was also a good entry of approx. 90 Labs. We participated with our black beauty's Punch, Mia & Summer.


Piccadilly's Roccin' the Shades (Punch): friday 1st in Intermediate + 2 VDH CAC's, saturday 2nd. This was his first indoor show and he did so well. Because of his happy ring attitude and amazing movement he left a positive impression to many exhibitors.

Ch.Cara Mia Herbu Zadora (Mia): friday 4th in Open, saturday 2nd in Champion + full VDH CAC & full CACIB which makes her German & International Show Champion!!!


Woefdram's Summer Breeze (Summer): friday 1st in Junior + Europa Jugendsiegerin 2017 + Junior CAC + Crufts qualification! On saturday 4th. Such a great achievement for Summer! It was her first show and she's only 10 months old. Her father Ch.Mocnys Knoxville won the same title at the same show 2 years ago :)

Super, super proud we are of our black showteam!


And to top it off, while we were in Dortmund we received a message from Scotland of Linda McGillivray that Knox won his 2nd CC!!! Will he become a UK.Sh.Ch?! 1 CC to go! :)

Woefdram's Labradors

March 2017 is a great month already!

At the in Groningen Mia became Best bitch with the CAC/CACIB. This was the last needed CAC for her Dutch Championship!!!

Mia is our 6th Dutch Champion but the first black.

Then one week later we went to Crufts in Birmingham. It's still worlds biggest dogshow with aprox. 500.000 visitors, 25.000 entered dogs of which approx. 600 Labradors. Huge classes full of quality dogs.

We were thrilled with Knox getting a 2nd placement in Open out of 43 entered Champion males!!!


Knox will stay with Linda McGillivray of Antonine Labradors in Scotland for an unlimited period. We wish you lots of fun & success Linda & Knox!

Woefdram's Labradors

28 january 2017

Once again fabulous show results! This time at the German Retriever Clubshow in Herrenberg.

Mia was placed 1st in Open out of 14 entries and won her 3rd VDH CAC. 2 to go!

George was placed 4th in Open males.

Knox was placed 1st in Champion class out of 7 entries and won his 5th VDH CAC so he finished his German Championship!!!

All 5 tickets were won under UK breed specialists. Thanks to Mr & Mrs Pollock, Mr & Mrs Gawthorpe and Mrs.Wiles!

Knox finished the day in style by going Best Male, Best of Breed and BEST IN SHOW out of more than 300 entered Retrievers!!!

Thanks to Mrs.Wiles and Mrs.Jaakkola!


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15 January 2017

Truly an unforgettable day! After 23 years of breeding this is one of the most special showresults/titles.

The Dutch Top Dog of the Year show is a very special show. It's always in the beginning of January. In the year before, dogs can qualify by getting a 1st, 2nd or 3rd placement in the Group at an International/National show or by winning the 'Clubwinner' title. So you can tell the qualified dogs are high quality dogs. Last year only 3 Labradors got qualified and Knox was one of them.


In 2015 Knox was selected as Reserve Top Gundog! That was an amazing result already but this year..... he became TOP GUNDOG OF 2016 !!! He won Group 8!

So you can imagine, we are very very proud!

Woefdram's Labradors

10 December 2016

A nice way to finish this showyear. George won the Res.CAC at the Amsterdam Winner show and the Amsterdam Holland Cup show!!!

Shown by our friend Kelly, thanks Kelly!

George already has 1.5 points for the Dutch Championship (only attended 3 shows in Holland so far)!

We wish everybody a happy, healthy & successful 2017!

Woefdram's Labradors

6 November 2016

A GREAT start for George' showcareer in the Netherlands! At his first show with us, he won the Championclass + CAC/CACIB + Best Dog in Bleiswijk today! There was some good competition. Judge was Mrs.Toeters-Riethof.

Woefdram's Labradors

October 2016

It's been a while since we had updated our website. Facebook is easier nowadays ;)

However, that doesn't mean we have no news items to share. A part of our news is that we're happy to say Mia will stay at our place. Last summer she had a stunning litter with Knox. We've decided that Mia should stay with us. Thanks for your trust Monika! We're looking forward to show her in the end of 2016 and in 2017 and try to finish her Dutch and International Championship.


Furthermore a lovely new dog has arrived in our kennel. George has been added to the 'males' page. And... there will be more exciting news soon ;)


When it comes to the shows, there was a lot of success for our kennel as well! Knox completed his Dutch Championship in Rotterdam and soon after that he became Benelux Winner 2016 at the Benelux show in Maastricht!!!

Here we celebrate Knox' Dutch Championship.

... and this was a picture of the 'happy BOB family' in Maastricht.

Woefdram's Labradors

29 May 2016

A wonderful day at the Dutch Labrador Clubshow! A good entry of approx. 250 Labradors were judged by 5 judges. We brought Knox and Mia with us.

Knox was placed 1st in a big Openclass and went on to win BEST DOG & CAC under Mrs.Warendorf!!!

Mia was placed 1st in a big Openclass and went on to win BEST BITCH & CAC under Mrs.Hodge!!!

Doing the double at our Lab Specialty is absolutely wonderful and we're so proud of Knox and Mia! Then for BOB Marian handled 'her Mia' and Sander showed Knox. It was a very special moment to stand there, with 2 of our own dogs.

Knox went BOB and CLUBWINNER 2016!!!

Big thank you to the judges and to our friends for the support. It's been a day we'll never forget :)

Woefdram's Labradors

16 May 2016

We've had such a nice showweekend in Austria. It was the 30 years jubilee Clubshow of the Austrian Retriever Club so they organized 2 Clubshows. Mrs.Carpanini & Mrs.Marskell were judging Labs.

Knox did a great job. On sunday he was placed 1st in Openclass + CAC + Best male under Mrs.Marskell. Knox' daughter 'Wahnahnish Lets Get Lucky' became Best Puppy Bitch on sunday!

Woefdram's Labradors

28 March 2016

Thrilled! Overwhelmed! On cloud 9! It's hard to find the right words for what Knox has achieved in the UK last weekend.

We travelled to England for the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Labrador Clubshow. A nice entry of approx 215 Labradors and Knox was entered in Openclass, a nice class full of Champions. We were thrilled when he was placed 1st! This way he gained his studbook number and is now Crufts qualified for life. After a while all classwinners came back and the judge Mrs Linda McGillivray picked Knox as her BEST DOG with the CC!!!

Knox had to compete with the Bitch CC winner and both judges agreed that Knox went BEST IN SHOW!!! Big big 'thank you' to the judge(s) for appreciating Knox. It's one of my most special showdays as it's such an honour to win a CC in the UK!

So here's a picture of Knox. Sitting in the car @ the Eurotunnel while we go back home. Well, we'll be floating home!

Woefdram's Labradors

March 2016 - Crufts

Knox managed to qualify for Crufts last year at the Europasieger show. We haven't been at Crufts for a couple of years so we were excited to go again. There was a huge entry and the classes were quite big. Knox did very well in Mid Limit and was placed 3rd!!!

Antonine Honolulu (by Knox very first litter) went BEST LABRADOR PUPPY!

Woefdram's Labradors

23 January 2015

Today it was Ferguson's day! A nice entry with good dogs under Mr.Rutten.

Ferguson went best dog with CAC/CACIB and ended up BOB!!!

Woefdram's Labradors

Show year 2016 starts with a bang!

January 10 we went to 'Dog of the Year show 2015' which is organized by the Raad van Beheer (Dutch KC). It's not a regular show but you have to qualify for it. You get qualified by getting a 1st, 2nd or 3rd placement in the Group at an All Breed show or by getting Clubwinner at the Clubshow. So in other words, only the best dogs are presented on this day.

Knox won the Group twice last year so he's double qualified. For me it was the first time to be at this show. It's a perfectly organized show. Everybody is dressed well and the atmosphere is great. The showring is like a catwalk.

Group 8 (Retrievers and Waterdogs) exists of 22 breeds here in Holland. 4 Labradors were qualified and totally 33 dogs were presented in Group 8. Knox showed wonderfully. He didn't mind the catwalk, nor the spotlight or photographers and he enjoyed his fan club.

Knox was selected with the final 6. We were extremely proud already. It was a beautiful line-up and the other 5 breeds are well known dogs who do really well at shows. Out of this line-up 2 dogs were picked: Dog of the Year 2015 Group 8 and Res.Dog of the Year 2015 Group 8.

The winner was the lovely Portuguese Waterdog and Knox was chosen as "Res.Dog of the Year 2015 of Group 8" !!!

Our stunner!

A big thank you to Mrs.Tuus van Adrichem Boogaerd-Kwint and Mr.Hans Boelaars for qualifying Knox by letting him win the Group in Arnhem and Hazerswoude in 2015. And "big thanks" to the Group judge of the Dog of the Year show: Mrs.Will Schrander!

Woefdram's Labradors


13 December 2015

Amsterdam Winnershow with 107 entries!

Knox was placed 3rd in Intermediate and Cara Mia was placed 1st in Intermediate + Res.CAC.

The Best Bitch is Dutch Champion already so Mia gets the 2 full CAC's + CACIB! A great way to finish this showseason.

Woefdram's Labradors

5 December 2015

Last weekend we went to the International Dogshow in Wels (Austria). Labradors were judged by the Swedish judge Mr Hans Rosenberg and he had a nice entry.

Ferguson was placed 2nd in Championclass + Res.CACA.

Knox was placed 1st in Intermediate + CACA and won the CACIB. Later on he went BOB and won a 2nd placement in the Group!

A trip of 1800 km but we're very proud of them.

Woefdram's Labradors


14/15 November 2015

Such a fabulous showweekend at the double show in Karlsruhe, Germany! Mr & Mrs Pollock were judging the Labradors, they had a nice entry of approx. 70 Labradors. So, there we go with our tricolore :)

Our chocolate boy Ch.Madabouts Ride on to Handy Hill (Ferguson)...

Day 1: Winner of a strong Championclass + VDH CAC. It's his 3rd, so only 2 to go!

Day 2: 4th in Championclass.

One of his critiques: Chocolate with lovely eyecolour. Good headshape & expression. Lovely neck and shoulders. Good depth & forechest. Good bone & neat feet. Lovely topline and tailset. Good strong quarters. Moved very well. Like his overal balance.


Our black girl Cara Mia Herbu Zadora (Cara Mia)...

Day 1: Winner of Intermediateclass + VDH CAC.

Day 2: Winner of Intermediateclass + VDH CAC + LCD CAC + BOS + Siegerin Karlsruhe'15!

One of her critiques: Quality bitch. Full of breedtype. Stands foursquare. Lovely balanced head & good eyecolour. Soft expression. Front & rear so well developed. Excellent topline & tail. Good bone and feet. Moves very well. Good free action front and rear.


But it was our yellow Mocnys Knoxville who was the star of this weekend!!!

Day 1: Winner Intermediate class + VDH CAC + LCD CAC + CACIB + BOS + BOB + Sieger Baden'15

Day 2: Winner Intermediate class + VDH CAC + LCD CAC + BOS + BOB + Sieger Karlsruhe'15 + BIG1!!!

One of his critiques: Well balanced dog. Again the head well balanced and typical of the breed. Good eyeshape. Correct tailset. Neck flowing into well placed shoulders. Super depth and forechest. Good bone and neat feet. Excelent topline and tailset. Strong quarters. Moved very well. In tip top condition.



Woefdram's Labradors

7 November 2015.

After a quiet showperiod, it started in a fantastic way today! We took Knox and Cara Mia with us to the International Cacib show in Bleiswijk. Cara Mia was placed 1st in the Intermediate class which is a nice start for her!

Knox was placed 1st as well and went on to win the CAC/CACIB! The start for his International Championship has been made. The judge really liked him and made him BOB!

In the main ring Knox managed to get selected with the final 6 in the Group. We were thrilled when Mr.Hans Boelaars placed Knox 1st!!! It's the 2nd time Knox wins the Group and he's only 20 months old.

Not much later it was time for the BIS-judgement. Knox was placed 4th, out of 1600 dogs!

Woefdram's Labradors

19 July 2015

Retriever Clubshow Mertert, Luxembourg

A very very warm day but the boys did so well! Knox is Dutch Junior Champion and Europa Jugendsieger '15 already but today he managed to become Luxembourg Junior Champion as well!!! Ferguson was placed 4th in the Championclass. The judge was Mrs.Wiles-Fone.

Woefdram's Labradors

31 May 2015

Ferguson wins the Championclass at our NLV Specialty. 240 Labradors were entered.

The English judge Mr.A.Ellis liked him a lot and wrote in his critique: "Lovely head and expression. Correct length of muzzle. Correct eyeshape and colour. Good front angulation, good level topline. Good dense coat of correct texture. Short coupled. Good topline and tailset. Good turn of stifle. Moved well!"

Woefdram's Labradors

24 May 2015

Knox became Dutch Junior Champion! He managed to win his 3 Junior CAC's in a row.

Furthermore Knox went Best dog and won the CAC. It's his 4th CAC so he has all the needed points for the Dutch Championship title but he's way too young. He can't finish before 27 months and he's only 14 months old, quite an achievement!

Judge Mr.Doedijns loved Knox and mentioned his great ring presentation and behaviour. He rewarded it with BOB.

In the main ring he competed with the 21 other breeds that went BOB that day. Judge Mrs.van Adrichem Boogaerd-Kwint placed him 1st!!! This way Knox qualified for the Dog of the Yearshow which will be held in February 2016.

Next day (25 May) we went back to Arnhem for the BIS challenge. He competed with the 9 other Group Winners for BIS. Judge Mr.Wieldraaijer placed him 4th! We're so, so proud!

Woefdram's Labradors

9 and 10 May 2015

A fabulous show weekend for Knox and Ferguson in Germany.

The German Labrador Clubshow was on saturday. The Danish judge Mr.Sorensen had a nice entry of approx. 80 Labradors with exhibitors from several countries. Knox won the Juniorclass + Junior CAC and became Best Junior in Breed as well.

Our Canadian chocolate boy Ferguson was placed 2nd in the Championclass and won the Res.CAC! He arrived last friday from Canada but doesn't seem to suffer a jet lag ;)

The Europa Sieger show in Dortmund was on sunday. Again a nice entry of approx. 90 Labradors under the Swedish judge Mr.Rosenberg. Knox won a strong Junior class + Junior CAC and became Europa Jugendsieger 2015. He received a Crufts qualification as well!

Ferguson won the strong Championclass of 11 entries and won the Res.CAC/Res.CACIB.

Knox had to compete against Chance, a son of our Troy, for BOS. Knox ended up BOS and as the icing on the cake, Knox went BOB as well (he had to compete with Page, a Ulysses daughter) and was among the final 7 in the Group!

It was a fabulous weekend, especially because Henry Morin (Ferguson's Canadian owner) was there to celebrate. He was very proud to see Ferguson doing so well at his first European shows!

Woefdram's Labradors

4 and 5 April 2015

It was Knox' first time in the Junior class. He did so well! On saturday he was placed 1st in the Junior class and won his first Junior CAC. The judge said he's "something special" and to our big surprise he also went on to win the CAC and BOB!! He's not even 13 months old.

 On sunday he won the Junior class as well + Junior CAC. So he just needs 1 more Junior CAC for his Dutch Junior Championship, how exciting. Once again, he won the CAC so he's quite on his way for the adult Championship as well!

Knox is "something special" indeed and we're looking forward to the next show already :)

Woefdram's Labradors

 21 February 2015

Once again a fabulous show weekend for our kennel. This time in Hoogstraten, Belgium.

We took Poker and Toby with us and they were judged by Mrs.Iren Naarits from Estonia. Toby was placed 2nd in a good Juniorclass. He hasn't been to a show for 6 months but he showed perfectly. We've entered him for several shows coming spring.

Poker was placed 1st in the Championclass. The judge loved him and gave him the CAC/CACIB and so he became INTERNATIONAL SHOW CHAMPION! After that he also went BOB and received a 3rd placement in the Gundog Group, we're proud!

Woefdram's Labradors

News 2014

21 December 2014

What a great way to end the showseason of 2014! We went to the Christmas show in Cuijk with Poker and George today. The judge Mr.Stigt had such a big entry that baby's and puppy's were judged by another judge and they stopped the possibility to enter many weeks before the show.  

George was placed 3rd in a big Junior class, 17 males were entered. He's been shown 3 times now and became 1st, 3rd and 3rd.

The judge loved Poker and said he's a gorgeous representative of the breed. He ended his critique with saying "Super dog!!". Poker won the CAC/CACIB and became DUTCH CHAMPION!!! It's almost unbelievable how quick Poker has been made up. He arrived last September and only needed 6 shows to finish. Thank you Mr.Kiss, Mrs.Mensink en Mr.Stigt for appreciating Poker's qualities. Next year we hope to make Poker Int.Sh.Ch. as he only needs 1 more CACIB in a foreign country.

Woefdram's Labradors

1 November 2014

Today it was George's turn (Lab Lodur's Keep on Rolling). He went with us to the International All Breed show in Bleiswijk and was shown under Mrs.Moa Persson from Sweden. It was his very first show but he did so well! He got a 1st placement in the Juniorclass and won the Junior CAC. After this great start we're excited to see what he'll do in the upcoming months...

Woefdram's Labradors

18 October 2014

Ulysses became German Champion at the Bundessieger show in Dortmund! He won a tough Openclass + 2 VDH CAC's under Philippe Lammens. This way he achieved his last needed CAC's for his Championship. We're very happy, proud and honoured that his American owner Amy Oles was there as well. This made it even more special.

Ulysses flew back to America on monday October 20. During his stay here in Holland we've had a fabulous time and we're glad he became a CH as well, it's like the icing on the cake. His offspring will be seen in the European showring in the upcoming years for sure because he sired offspring in 15 different countries.

Thank you so much for your confidence and trust, Amy!

Woefdram's Labradors

5 October 2014

A great day for Poker at the Champ show in Zwolle. He wins the Championclass + CAC/CACIB + BOB and gets a 2nd placement in the Group! We're so proud!

Woefdram's Labradors

21 September 2014

Again a good day for our kennel at the jubilee Clubshow of the Dutch Labrador Club (LKN).

Poker won a strong Championclass and wins the Res.CAC and 2 points towards his Dutch Championship in the challenge! He's half his way to the Dutch Championship already.

And his son Mocny's Knoxville was placed 2nd in the puppyclass.

Woefdram's Labradors

14 September 2014

A nice show at the Jubilee Clubshow of the Dutch Labrador Club (NLV), with 223 entered Labradors.

Knox was placed 1st in Puppy males and became BIS Puppy!

Ulysses became 2nd out of 25 entered Open males. At this show 18 offspring of our stud dogs were entered and most of them were sired by Ulysses. Congratulations to the owners with their results!

Toby was one of the youngest in his class, he became 9 months last week, and was placed 2nd out of 15 entered Junior males!

Poker was placed 3rd in Championclass at his very first show in Holland!

Woefdram's Labradors

7 September 2014

After a "show break" of a couple of months, we had a great come-back at the Benelux Winner show in Rotterdam.

Our Toby (A Sense of Pleasure's Spot On) was exactly 9 months so the youngest in his class. He got a 4th placement in this quality class.

Ulysses got a 1st placement in the Openclass and this is what the judge wrote about him: Excellent type, very nice coat and beautiful head. Excellent neck and very balanced construction. Nice strong rear. Correct body. Very nice sidegate and parallel movement. Beautiful presentation. Very honest to the breedtype.

And our son by Poker, (Mocny's Knoxville) became Best Baby in Breed and got BIS-4 of all Baby's in the mainring! A great show debut for this youngster!

Woefdram's Labradors

1 September 2014

Sander judged the females at the Labrador Clubshow in Finland last weekend. A big entry and many beautiful dogs!

These 2 gorgeous chocolates were the winners:

And on the way back, Poker visited us. This lovely yellow male will stay at our place and will be shown internationally during 2014/2015.

Woefdram's Labradors

9 May 2014

Once again Ulysses did very well, at the International All Breed show in Dortmund, Germany! Just like last year he won the Openclass + 2 VDH CAC's! He needs just one more VDH CAC for his German Championship!

Furthermore we got some great news. Ulysses' lease has been extended, which means he'll stay with us till November 2014! Thanks for your trust Amy!

Woefdram's Labradors

8 February 2014, Champ show CACIB Eindhoven

Super start of 2014! Polar wins the Championclass, gets the CAC/CACIB, goes BOB and gets a 3rd placement in a wonderful Gundog Group!


Polar's written by the judge, Mr.Simons:

Yellow male of 3 years old, excellent breed type with nice neck/topline. Compact body. Masculine head with good stop. Great eye/ear/dentition. Good chest, great ribcage. Well angulated in front & behind. Great ottertail and nice tailset. Moves with a good reach and drive from the rear. Good coat. Great temperament.

It was a great day with nice results, also for friends.

Ulysses offspring did so well! For example, Jill's Summer Splash of Sir Geof wins the Babyclass males (4-6 months) and Wahnahnish Indiana becomes Best Puppy in Breed (6-9 months)!

This is Maple, the Wahnahnish puppy, just 6 months old:

Woefdram's Labradors

In January we love to relax and take it easy ...

Woefdram's Labradors


Prachtige afsluiting van showjaar 2013: CAC/CACIB voor Polar in Cuijk!

Looking back at 2013, we can be very proud of 'our' boys: Micah, Ulysses and Polar have won 13 CAC's in Holland, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. We're very much looking forward to 2014. Happy Holidays to everyone!

Woefdram's Labradors

7 September 2013

"Polar is on a roll"

Polar wins the Championclass and gets the CAC/CACIB and becomes Luxembourg Champion! He became BOB as well!

A picture of Polar, winner of the Championclass, and the winner of the Openclass

Polar with the judge. She loved him and said he's very well balanced with very correct movement.

Ulysses got a nice 2nd placement in the Openclass + Res.Lux.CAC

Then we had to wait long for the main ring, but it was definitely worth it! The Italian judge Mrs.Caccerelli couldn't take her eyes off Polar so we hoped to end up in the top 3 of the 20 breeds in the Gundog Group. Polar was the first dog she picked when Mrs.Caccerelli made a selection of 6 dogs. After that she went over all 6 of them and had a look at the movement as well. Apparently Polar had his own fanclub because some people in the audience gave him a round of applause! When the judge looked at all 6 of them, she wrote down her top 3 on a list and the results were announced. Nr.3 was placed, (an Amerikaanse Cocker Spaniel)... nr.2 was placed, (a Kooikerhondje) and nr.1 is... the Labrador Retriever!

We were back home at 23:30. Unfortunately we won't go back for the BIS competition on sunday because Polar has another "job" to do in the upcoming days :)

A day we won't forget! Big thanks to the judges Mrs.Melchior-Schlechter & Mrs.Caccerelli!

Woefdram's Labradors


1 September 2013

Polar & Ulysses are on a roll! European Dogshow 2013 in Geneva

A lovely, well organized show with a good entry and high quality dogs from all over Europe. It was so nice to catch up with friends and make new friends at this very international show! Dan Ericsson from Sweden judged the males and Rosemarie Wild judged females.

Ulysses got a nice 3rd placement in a big and strong openclass! The judge mentioned his good qualities and Ulysses was one of the very few black dogs who got a placement.

Polar was placed 2nd in the Championclass behind multiple World Winner Loch Mor Romeo from Italy. 11 Champion males were shown. When Romeo won the CAC and EW'13 title, Polar was called in for the Res.CAC and Vice EW'13 title. The judge loved Polar and awarded him the Res.CAC!

Polar became Vice European Winner 2013 !!!

Woefdram's Labradors

25 August 2013

Super results at the International All Breed show in Rotterdam!

Polar got a 2nd in the Championclass and Ulysses got a 1st in the Openclass + CAC/CACIB + BOB + BIG5!!!

We've had such a great day with our friends.

Marijke, big congrats with making up your lovely black girl Preton Nicol!

Woefdram's Labradors

10/11 August 2013

Just back home from the back to back Labrador Clubshow in Germany! On saturday was the "nightshow" with Mr.Mills (Lembas) judging males and Mr.Rawlinson (Halshimoor) judging females. The show had a big entry, many good dogs and was finished late in the evening. We were so so pleased when Mr.Mills gave Ulysses a 2nd placement in the Openclass (17 entries)

And Polar got a 1st in the Championclass + CAC + BOS! Together with Mr.Rawlinson he made Polar BEST IN SHOW!

Today Mrs.Rawlinson was judging all Labradors. The show started at 10:00 and was finished at 17:00. Ulysses got 2nd placement in Open (17 entries) and Polar got a 1st in Champion + once again the CAC & BOS !!! We're so happy!!! Thank you to all judges, the committee of the show and the sponsors for all those wonderful gifts!

Woefdram's Labradors

16 June 2013

Micah's show career on the continent has been finished in style. After 15 months of showing this is Micah's showrecord:

1x BIS, 1x Res.BIS, 2x BIS-3, 1x BIS-9, 5x BIG, 9x BOB, 14x CAC, 2x Res.CAC, Rheinland Sieger '12, Dutch Champion, Bundessieger 2012, Winner 2012, Multiple Crufts qualified, Luxembourg Champion, International Show Champion

... and after today we can add: Club Winner 2013!

Micah won the openclass (30 entries), got the CAC and became BOB (320 entered Labradors)!

It's an amazing achievement and we're so proud! Thank you so much Mrs.Gawthorpe for this wonderful day, it's a day we'll never forget!

About 2 weeks we'll bring Micah back to his owners Fam.Neachell in England. We're very grateful to Fam.Neachell for their trust and that they allowed Micah to live with us for 15 months. We've enjoyed it so much! He's truly a once in a lifetime dog! We'll miss him for sure, see you later Micah! X

Thank you for all the lovely photo's Bianca!

BOB (Micah) and BOS (Ch.Esmeralda of Misty Dreams) with all judges: Mrs.Gawthorpe, Mrs.Bailiss, Mr.Mills, Mr.Kiss, Mr.Gawthorpe

"The day after", having fun at the beach!

Woefdram's Labradors

13 April 2013

Micah won the Championclass + CAC/CACIB + BOS + BOB in Antwerp, Belgium today. The judge was Mrs.Muldoon from Ireland.

Woefdram's Labradors

31 March 2013

Been a while since we had some news to post. Last morning we went to the International Champshow in Luxembourg city. He won the Championclass and became Luxembourg Champion! Furthermore he won the CAC/CACIB/BOS. This International CACIB made him International Show Champion!!!

Micah is now known as: NL/Lux.CH.Int.Sh.Ch.Carpenny Micah at Suttonpark RS'12 BSG'12 W'12

Thanks to the following judges for giving him the CACIB's: Mrs.Luik-Grevelingen, Mr.v.d Berg, Mrs.Müller, Mrs.Marshall, Mr.Gawthorpe, Mr.Wellens and Mr.Iversen.

Happy, happy!

Together with the bitch for BOB

Woefdram's Labradors

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25 November - Winnershow in Amsterdam

For us, this was the last show of 2012, and we've finished it with style.

Micah became Winner 2012, BOB (W.Wellens), Gundog Group Winner (R.Doedijns) and Res.BIS (J.Wauben) of 4500 entered dogs!!!

2012 was the best show year ever! Our dogs have achieved so many wonderful results!

Micah has won 10 CAC's of which 7 BOB's. 5x Group Winner, 2x BIS3, 1x Res.BIS and 1x BIS! An amazing achievement for a Labrador and he's been in several magazines and dogpapers.

James hasn't been show that much. He's still very young and he has achieved a lot already. His Dutch & German Junior Championship and Bundes Jugendsieger title are like icing on the cake.

Once again, we'd like to thank all the judges for making this possible! A dream came true.

We wish our friends Happy Holiday's & a healthy, successful 2013!