News of 2012

Woefdram's Labradors

25 November - Winnershow in Amsterdam

For us, this was the last show of 2012, and we've finished it with style.

Micah became Winner 2012, BOB (W.Wellens), Gundog Group Winner (R.Doedijns) and Res.BIS (J.Wauben) of 4500 entered dogs!!!

2012 was the best show year ever! Our dogs have achieved so many wonderful results!

Micah has won 10 CAC's of which 7 BOB's. 5x Group Winner, 2x BIS3, 1x Res.BIS and 1x BIS! An amazing achievement for a Labrador and he's been in several magazines and dogpapers.

James hasn't been show that much. He's still very young and he has achieved a lot already. His Dutch & German Junior Championship and Bundes Jugendsieger title are like icing on the cake.

Once again, we'd like to thank all the judges for making this possible! A dream came true.

We wish our friends Happy Holiday's & a healthy, successful 2013!

Woefdram's Labradors

17 November

The dogshop "4dogsonly" approached our kennel for some nice head pictures of Labradors for their new collection. Plates (for a gate) and stickers (for a car/window) have been designed.

They've picked a lovely head picture of Troy (black), Pixie (yellow) en Marcello (chocolate). The new collection will be available at the Champ show in Amsterdam next week!

For more information, click here to be forwarded to their website.

Woefdram's Labradors

28 Oktober - Our trip to the UK

We've spent some lovely days in the UK and stayed with Mr & Mrs Neachell of Suttonpark Labradors. We combined our trip with the Midland Counties Champ Show which had 170 Labradors entered. James received a 3rd placement in "Junior" with another Crufts qualification and Micah got a 5th placement in "Limit". We've seen some lovely dogs and still think the quality of English dogs is just great.

We're very happy that Mr & Mrs Neachell have agreed to let Micah stay with us for another period of 8 months. Micah will remain here at Woefdram's till June 2013.

Woefdram's Labradors

12 October

Once again we've had a SUPER day, this time at the Bundessieger show in Dortmund, Germany. A great entry and many foreign exhibitors with nice dogs. James (Ashford Castle Woof) won the Junior class males (15 entries) and received the title "Bundes Jugendsieger 2012", Crufts qualification and became Best Youngster in Breed!


Micah won the Openclass (16 entries), took the CAC/CACIB, "Bundessieger 2012" title, Crufts qualification and became BOB! Troy's lovely daughter "Love You Living Lola vom Escher See" won the Juniorclass females & "Bundes Jugendsiegerin 2012" title, congratulations Elke & Michael!


Then he went to the main ring. Apparently Micah had his own German fanclub! The group judge Mr.Damir Skok loved Micah and let him win the lovely Gundog Group!!

Big "thank you" to Damir and Margaret & Frank Gawthorpe for this wonderful day! Sunday we'll go back to Dortmund for the "Best in Show" competition. Fingers crossed for our amazing, special Micah who now won 4x BOB and 3x 1st placement in the Gundog Group in a row!

*** Micah got a 3rd placement for Best in Show on sunday!

Woefdram's Labradors

7 October -All Breed Dogshow in Zwolle

Once again Micah did a great job and Mrs.Marshall rewarded him with a 1st placement + CAC and BOB as well! For the first time this dogshow was held outside. Because it had rained so much it was very very muddy. Mrs.Marshall wrote the following report: Yellow 3 years old. Presents a beautiful picture of a Labrador. Beautiful well proportioned head with good expression. Good dentition and bite. Well laid shoulders. Good bone and substance. Excellent ribcage. Deep through the chest. Strong muscular loin and hindquarters. Level topline. Correct undercoat. Good tailset and pleasing wagging otter tail. Moved soundly with free easy stride. Presenting an excellent profile.

With Micah's enthusiasm we won't stay clean!

Micah's daughter Woefdram's Cinderella (LuvLee) was entered as well. She became 4 months old last week... 1st placement and Best Baby in Breed!

She showed like a veteran and by the end of the day the judge came to us and said he thought LuvLee was outstanding! Mr.Rutten wrote a nice report: 4 months, excellent type. Appealing head, good eyes. Good dentition. Correct topline, nice size. Great front, correct angulations. Good in bone. Not overdone at all, just right for her age. Correct in movement. Very promising!

So both father & daughter had to go to the main ring...

It was LuvLee's turn first. She had to compete against many Baby's for Best Baby in Show. The judge put a smile on her face when LuvLee entered the main ring with big steps like she has done this before.

Yes, LuvLee became Best Baby in Show !!! She was almost "kidnapped" by the judges...

Micah achieved the same wonderful result as in Rotterdam (August) and Maastricht (September) by now winning the Gundog Group in Zwolle (October) again!!

Big thank you to the following judges: Mr.Rutten, Mrs.Marshall, Mrs.Adrichem Bogaert-Kwint and Mrs.Stuifbergen-Hoetjes (who gave Micah the 9th placement for BIS out of 1800 entered dogs!).

Woefdram's Labradors

30 September - A SUPER day!

With our fingers crossed we went to the CACIB show in Maastricht. Micah could become Dutch Champion if he won the CAC!

The judge loved him! It was rewarded with a 1st placement + CAC/CACIB and BOB!

It was high time for the mainring. Micah showed like a star and the Group judge Mr.Rodriguez noticed him. Some dogs were selected and Micah was one of them.

Mr.Rodriguez judged the movement of the selected dogs and started placing. 3, 2 ... 1 !!!


And then we were reminded of the feeling when Micah won the Gundog Group some weeks ago at the CACIB show in Rotterdam. His BIS-3 we considered as something really special for a Labrador and we thought we would never achieve this again.

But we were wrong... Micah did even better this time! He became BEST IN SHOW!!!

BIG BIG thank you to all the judges and our friends!!! It's a day we'll never forget...

Woefdram's Labradors

8 and 9 September - A lovely show weekend...

8 September we attended a German show in Krefeld, the Rheinland Sieger show. For us it's a special show because it was held for the first time in 2009. Then Blue's father (Heatherbourne Wester Ross) became Rheinland Jugend Sieger. In 2009 his daughter Ch.Woefdram's True Blue (Blue) became Rheinland Jugend Siegerin. In 2010 is was Pixie (Ch.Woefdram's No Fear) who became Rheinland Siegerin. We hadn't entered in 2011 but now, in 2012, we were there again.

Micah got a 1st placement + CAC and Best Male. And indeed.... he got the title Rheinland Sieger 2012 !!!

9 September we went to Alkmaar. The judge loved Micah. He became 1st in the Openclass + CAC and BOB as well! Another step closer towards his Dutch Championship.

Mevr.Mensink wrote the following report: 3 years. Beautiful head with almost a smiling expression. Super pigmentation. Excellent eye, ear and dentition. Powerful neck & topline. Excellent tail and tailset. Super chest. Excellent angulation in front & rear. Super ribcage. Nice feet & excellent bone. Flawless & fit movement. Nice temperament!

Woefdram's Labradors

August 26 - Show Rotterdam

WOW, we're absolutely THRILLED with today's showresults! Micah (Carpenny Micah at Suttonpark) is back in coat and in top condition. I think he looks fabulous and I couldn't wait to show him again. Apparently, the judges thought so too :-) Micah got a 1st placement in the Openclass and won the CAC so he's another step closer to his Dutch Championship! He went BOB as well so then we had to wait for the main ring.

We know that a Labrador usually doesn't make anything but the judge from Hungary selected him, loved him, and made him the Winner of the Gundog Group!!! It's the first time in 18 years we've achieved this at a Dutch show! The BIS-competition was such a lovely event. Lights went out and the 10 group winners were followed by a huge spotlight when they ran around the ring with a loud applause from the crowd, goosebumps! Micah didn't put a foot wrong and his movement was just flawless. Our dream came true, Micah went BIS-3 at this All Breed CACIB show in Rotterdam of nearly 2200 entered dogs.

Only a 5-minute-drive back home and now we'll have some champagne! :-) Cheers!

A BIG "thank you" to the judges Hans v.d Berg & Mr.Czeglédi!

Woefdram's Labradors

June 17

Today we went to the Dutch Labrador Clubshow in Bennekom. More than 400 Labradors were entered. Unfortunately we couldn't show our own dogs because either they're out of coat or they have a litter but of course we visited this huge show, like we always did. It's been a pleasure to see several offspring of our Troy!

Oldambster Labrador Heem Dark Moon (Maxx, pictured on the left), a son of our Troy, got a 1st placement in the Puppyclass males (25 entries!). 2 years ago Troy's son Woefdram's Whiskey for Romeo (Mio, pictured on the right) became 1st in that class as well!!

Woefdram's Labradors

May 27 2012

Although we weren't there, Woefdram's did a great job at the CACIB show in Arnhem!

Woefdram's Whiskey for Romeo was placed 1st and took the Res.CAC/Res.CACIB! Well done & thanks for flying the flag!

Woefdram's Labradors

May 6 2012 - Labrador Clubshow LKN

A nice day with a high entry! Esme was placed 2nd and Micah 3rd in the Openclass.

James had been invited for the Championparade because he became Junior Champion some weeks ago.

James & his rosette.


Esme (left)

Woefdram's Labradors

April 22 2012 - Show Goes

YES! James won his 3rd Junior CAC so now he's DUTCH JUNIOR CHAMPION! The fact he won those 3 Junior CAC's within 1 month at 11 months of age is wonderful!

He became BOS as well and took the CAC. He now has 3 CAC's & 1 Res.CAC for his Dutch Championship but he's way too young to finish it because the last CAC should be won after 27 months of age.

Micah became 2nd in the Openclass + Res.CACIB.

Esme looks great and was happy to come with us to the show. She got a 1st in the Openclass + CAC + BOS + BOB and got a 3rd placement in the Group !!! This group placement qualifies her for the "Dog of the Year 2012 Show" held in February 2013.

"2,5 year old black built on classical lines with everything in proportion. An absolutely level topline with her good ottertail coming straight of her back. She moved soundly with great purpose. I find it hard to fault her. Very well handled"

Thank you Pat Harrison (Labrador judge) & Mrs.Kastl (Group judge)!

Woefdram's Labradors

April 9 2012 - Show Leeuwarden

A nice show with a big entry. James was for the 2nd time in the Junior class at a Dutch show. Just like 3 weeks ago he became 1st and got the Junior CAC. One more Junior CAC and he'll be Dutch Junior Champion!

Furthermore he got the CAC, BOS and BOB! We're so proud!!!

Thank you Mr & Mrs Coode!

Woefdram's Labradors

March 18 2012 - Show Leiden

Super results for our "boys". We took Micah (Carpenny Micah at Suttonpark) and James (Ashford Castle Woof) with us to the CACIB (Champ)show.

It was the first big Dutch show for our Junior dog James. He did great and we noticed a smile on the judges' face when she looked at him. Het got a 1st placement + Junior CAC in a nice Juniorclass!

Micah took the CAC/CACIB and James the Res.CAC! Extremely proud we are!

Then Micah went BOB and got a 5th placement in the Gundog Group!

What a day! "Thank you" to the judges Mrs.Luyk-Grevelink and the Group judge Mr.Rehanek (CZ).

Woefdram's Labradors

4 March 2012 - Show Groningen

Great day for our kennel again! More than 100 Labradors were entered.

Micah got a 1st placement in the Openclass. A super start for his first show in Holland!

Esme got a 1st placement in the Openclass as well. She won the CACIB so this is her first point towards her International Show Championship!

Woefdram's Labradors

25 February 2012 - Show Obernkirchen, Germany

Today we went to the German Labrador Clubshow in Obernkirchen with 3 people & 3 dogs. The show had a nice entry and most big breeders were there. We invited Noelene Dodd of Eneleon Labradors (Esme's owner) to come over and stay with us for some days so she travelled with us.

It was a showdebut for our Austrian boy "Ashford Castle Woof". James became 9 months last week and this was his first big show. Just like the trainings at ringcraft he showed like an adult. He got a 1st placement + Junior CAC + Best Junior in Breed! What a great start for our James! His report: Very appealing yellow, excellent show man. Lovely head with typical expression + good pigmentation. Eye catching in profile. Well constructed front + rear. Good spring of rib, short coupled body. Moved very well maintaining a good outline.

Then it was Mio's turn (Woefdram's Whiskey for Romeo) and of our Micah (Carpenny Micah at Suttonpark). Both were entered in the big Openclass.

Mio became 1st (VDH CAC) and Micah 2nd (Res.VDH CAC). Could it get any better?! Mio achieved his GERMAN CHAMPIONSHIP so we celebrate Woefdram's 5th home bred Champion !!! He became Best Male and got the LCD CAC. How proud we are! Here's a picture of Micah's first show on the continent.

The judge wrote extended reports so we had to wait long until we could show Esme. It was worth the wait because she got a 1st in the Openclass and took the VDH CAC & became Best Bitch with the LCD CAC!

Esme's report: Very ballanced black bitch. Extremely pleasing in profile. Has a lovely head, pleasing eye shape, gentle expression. Sweeping neck into good shoulders that are well set back. Lovely bone into tight feet. Level topline and super ottertail. Adequate quarters, moved extremely well.

And then Mio and Esme had to compete for BOB. It reminded us of the show in Paderborn of some months ago where exactly the same thing happened. Esme went BOB.

Of course we had to take a group-picture because it's a day we'll never ever forget! From left to right: Micah (& Marian), James (& Sander), Esme (& Noelene) and Mio (& Manuela) and the judge Shaun Williamson from Engeland.

Woefdram's Labradors

4 February 2012 - Champshow Eindhoven

A great start of the year! Esme got a 1st in the Openclass and won the Res.CAC/Res.CACIB. We're looking forward to the next show already.

Woefdram's Labradors

Summary of 2011

What a nice year we've had. It all started in England at the Crufts last March. Mio (Woefdram's Whiskey for Romeo) got a 3rd placement in the Juniorclass!

In 2011 our kennel got 2 more Champions. Congratulations to Ch.Woefdram's Wellington, Ch.Woefdram's Up to Date and owners!

In August the Labrador Clubshow of the Dutch Lab Club was held. Many foreign exhibitors traveled to Bennekom to show their dogs which was very nice. Mio got a 1st placement in a big Intermediate class.

Not only Mio did well in the showring. It didn't take long for Blue to get back in shape after her litter. She won 3 CAC's in Germany.

And then we have our English lady Esme. At her first show with us she won BOB at the German Labrador Clubshow! We're very much looking forward to continue showing her.

In addition to all of this, our Troy produced some lovely offspring. Not only in Holland but also in Sweden, Austria, Italy, Hungary and Australia you'll find some of his offspring. Best of luck to all of them!

We wish our friends a Merry Christmas & a Happy, Successful 2012!