UK.Sh.Ch. Multi.Ch. Lab'SPb Gazprom


D.O.B February 14, 2019

"Import Russia"

HD:A     ED:0-0     Eyes:Clear

PRA: Normal/Clear

EIC: Normal/Clear

HNPK: Normal/Clear

SD2: Normal/Clear

CNM: Normal/Clear

RD-OSD: Nomal/Clear

Narc: Normal/Clear

Heart: Normal/Clear


Colour: eeBB (pure yellow)

Dentition: Full

This stunner has it all: type, temperament & soundness! Without a doubt our "once in a lifetime dog".

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Blue's showrecord:

3x BIS

8x BIG

19x BOB

17x CAC

4x CC (UK)

Frühjahrs Sieger '23


Danish Champion

Dutch Champion

Club Winner '23


Bundessieger '23


BOS Best International Dog at Potomac USA '24


April 2024, rocking it at Potomac in America!

March 2024, BIS in Groningen!


November 2023, BIS in Dortmund from 7300 dogs

October 2023, Blue winning his 4th CC and BOB in the UK

September 2023, Blue's 2nd and crowning 3rd CC in the UK

July 2023, Blue's 1st CC in the UK

April 2023, European Winner 2023!

Blue 4 years old:

Blue comes from the famous G-litter: Gaga Lady, Geisha, Gagarin and Blue himself (Gazprom) are 4 lovely examples of the breed who rock the showring:

We can't wait to show him in Europe in the upcoming years to come. Big thanks to Anastasia & Borislav & Zoran for this opportunity!

Bred by Anastasia Egorova (Lab Spb - Russia)


Blue is available to approved females who are hip, elbow and eye scored. You can contact us at

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Blue's lovely father Gibbs

Some of Blue's cute offspring


Blue's recent showresults and pictures

2nd in Open Yellow (14) and BOS Best International Dog at Potomac USA (Mrs.Wiberg and Mrs.Nykiel)

Best in Show at the All Breed Show in Groningen! Judged by Mr.Cochetti (It) and Mr.Hoenderken (NL)

BIS! TOP DOG OF THE NETHERLANS 2023! Judged by Mr.Hoenderken (NL) and Mrs.Mensink (NL)

Best in Show German Retriever Club! Judged by Mr Shields (UK) and Mrs Rathenau (NL)

Hat trick 3x BOB for Blue in Wels/Austria!



Day 3: CAC/CACIB/BOB (couldn't stay for the mainring as we had to drive 10h homewards)

Big thanks to the judges Mrs.Wolf, Mrs.Naarits, Mrs.Archibald, Mr.Urosevic, Mrs.Urschitz

1st in Working + CAC/CACIB + Bundessieger '23 + BOB + BIG + BEST IN SHOW (7300 dogs entered) in Dortmund!

Judged by Mrs Toeters, Mr Komorowski, Mr Jakkel and Mr Dupas!

1st in Champion + CAC + BOB + BIG1 + BIS2 in Leuven. Judged by Mrs.Boesmans & Mr.Schäfer.

CC + BOB at Midland Counties (230 Labs entered). Judged by Mrs.Thompson.

CAC + BOB + BIG3 at Bleiswijk. Judged by Mrs.Warendorf and Mr.Boelaars.

CC + BOB + in Belfast. Judged by Mr.Fryckstand. & 1st in Open + crowning 3rd CC + BOB at Lab Club N.I. Judged by Mrs.Lesley.

1st in Champion + CAC/CACIB + BOB at the Grand Prix show in Geneva. Judged by Mr.Espeland.

1st in Open + CC + BOB at Windsor Champshow UK (160 entries). Judged by Mr.JR.Sauge.

1st in Working + CAC + BOB + Club Winner 2023 + Dutch Champion at our Annual Dutch Lab Clubshow (130 Labs). Judged by Mr.Gruber and Mrs.Dantinnes.

1st in Champion + CAC/CACIB + BOB + BIG1! in Gorinchem. Judged by Mr.Zeppi & Mr.Czeglédi.

1st in Open + CAC/CACIB + BOS + EUROPEAN WINNER '23 in Denmark. Judged by Mr.Espeland

1st in Champion + Res.CAC/Res.CACIB at the big CACIB show, day before EDS, in Denmark. Judged by Mrs.Hallmarsdottir.

1st in Working + CAC/CACIB + BOB + Frühjahrs Sieger '23 in Dortmund. Judged by Mrs.Winter

3rd in Champion in Dortmund. Judged by Mrs.Orru

1st in Champion + CAC/CACIB + BOB + BIG2 in Antwerp. Judged by Mr.Heinesche and Mrs.Taulos

1st in Champion + CAC/CACIB + BOB in Salzburg. Judged by Mrs.Bartosova

1st in Champion + Res.CAC/Res.CACIB in Weelde. Judged by Mrs.Donne

1st in Champion + CAC/CACIB + BOB + BIG2 in Hazerswoude. Judged by Mrs.Swysen & Mr.Zeppi

1st in Champion + VDH CAC + CAC/CACIB + BOB + BIG1! in Offenburg. Judged by Mrs.C.Berchtold & Mr.Machetanz

1st in Champion + Res.CAC/Res.CACIB in Groningen. Judged by Mr.Duran