A Special Soul of Inanna's

D.O.B September 2, 2019

HD:A     ED:0-0     Eyes:Clear

PRA: Normal/Clear

EIC: Normal/Clear

HNPK: Normal/Clear

DM: Normal/Clear

CNM: Normal/Clear

RD-OSD: Normal/Clear

SD2: Normal/Clear

Long coat: Normal/Clear

Colour: eeBB (pure yellow)

* Fresh semen can be shipped

Quite some years ago we had his great grandfather "Time Square Ulysses" for a stay. Now, several years later, we have his lovely yellow great grandson. Soul has the most beautiful and kind temperament you could wish for. Apart from that, he excells in head, angulations and coat.

Big thanks Dinanda Mensink of Inanna for letting Soul stay at our place. Although there aren't many shows, he will enjoy the training, swimming at the beach etc.


Soul is available to approved females who are hip, elbow and eye scored. You can contact us at nugte132@planet.nl

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Soul's lovely parents