In 1994 we bought our first Labrador bitch "Fogel Hlara Miss Lowe" (D.J).
After a period of working, showing and doing the health checks with her,
we bred our first litter in 1996.

A few years later we bought in France our first male "Otterly True Blue of Tintagel Winds" (Catcher).
Catcher is sired by Multi.Ch. Foulby Tittle Tattle.

We combined D.J and Catcher and had a nice litter of yellows and blacks. We kept a big yellow bitch named "Woefdram's Glamour Girl" (Genny).

She's been limited shown and her first litter was by the French dog Olé.
We kept two bitches, a black and a yellow one named "Woefdram's Irresistible Iris" and "Woefdram's Ivory Isabella".
Both girls have some nice showresults.


It was Isabella who produced our first home bred Show Champion: International, Dutch, German, Austrian Ch. Woefdram's No Fear BSG '07 JW '06

Pixie did so well in the showring! 20x CAC, 8x Res.CAC, 7x BOB, 2x Junior Winner '06 (in Holland and Austria), Schallaburg Jugendsieger '06,
Bundessiegerin '07, 1st placement + CAC World Dogshow 2008, Austrian Champion, BOS at the NLV Clubsow, German Champion, Dutch Champion,
Crufts qualified, Studbook number (UK), International Show Champion, Rheinlandsiegerin 2010



July 2006 we imported the yellow bitch "Ramsayville Raquel Welch". Timber has beautiful English lines which we like a lot.
After two years at our place, she went back to Scotland.

But before she went back, she left us a beautiful offspring named Ch.Woefdram's True Blue. After her Dutch Junior Championship Blue went on to
do really well and became our 2nd home bred Champion. She was a true showgirl and won the following results: 19x CAC, 7x Res.CAC, 5x BOB,
7 x Junior CAC, Rheinland Jugendsiegerin '09, Dutch and German Junior Champion, 2nd placement in the Yearlingclass at Crufts (behind the bred
CC winner), Dutch Champion, German Champion, NRW Siegerin 2010.


At one point, we lost both bitchlines above. So after a few years of no breeding, we started to look for new lines.

We then got:

Int.Sh.Ch.Dutch.Ger.Ch.Cara Mia Herbu Zadora (Mia) & Int.Sh.Ch.Clearcreek Bonaventure Texas Cowgirl (Texa)

Mia became a Champion easily because she's a lovely bitch who loves to show. When she was mated to our yellow stud Multi.Ch.Mocny's Knoxville, she produced:

Woefdram's Summer Breeze EJS'17

Summer has been shown limited and did quite well too.

Int.Sh.Ch.Clearcreek Bonaventure Texas Cowgirl (Texa) has been a fabulous producer for our kennel. She produced two litters at our place. We're in love with her & her offspring. Once again, it shows how important a good bitchline is!!!

She produced us the brothers Fitch & Mac. Both boys are a Group Winner!

Ch.Woefdram's American McDreamy BJS'18 NJK'18 (living in Sweden now) & Ch.Woefdram's Abercrombie JW'18 NJK'19 BJK'19 DJK'19 ES'19 BS'19


We love to go to the shows with our dogs but unfortunately this is the showing/breeding of nowadays:

If you love to talk about dogs, you're a know-it-all.

·        If you don't talk about dogs, you know nothing.

·        If you chat at a show, you're a show-off.

·        If you don't chat, success has gone to your head.

·        If your dogs are at all the shows, you're not letting others in on the wins.

·        If you're absent, you're afraid of the competition.

·        If your dog wins, you know the judges.

·        If you don't win, it's obvious your dog isn't quality.

·        If you win and thank the judge, you're playing politics.

·        If you win and don't thank the judge, you're rude.

·        If you lose and congratulate the winner, you're a hypocrite.

·        If you lose and don't say anything, you're a poor sport.

·        If you've been breeding less than 20 years you're a newcomer.

·        If you've been breeding for more than 20 years, you should get out of the way of the up-and-comers.

·        If you use your own stud, you're kennel blind.

·        If you go outside for stud services, you don't think much of your own breeding.

·        If you sell most of your puppies, you're trying to flood the market.

·        If you keep most of your puppies, they're not good enough to sell.

·        If you keep your health testing up to date, you're admitting your lines are full of problems.

·        If you don't check for every condition known to veterinary science, you're irresponsible and have no integrity.

·        If you choose to mentor or offer 'free' advice, you're arrogant.

·        And finally, if you keep your opinions and knowledge to yourself, you haven't learned anything.