Woefdram's Abercrombie JW'18 NJK'19 BJK'19 DJK'19 ES'19 BWB'19 BS'19

D.O.B November 9, 2017

HD:A     ED:0-0     Eyes:Clear

PRA: Normal/Clear

HNPK: Normal/Clear

CNM: Normal/Clear

DM: Normal/Clear

RD-OSD: Normal/Clear

SD2: Normal/Clear

Long coat: Normal/Clear

EIC: Carrier

Colour: eeBB (pure yellow)

* Fresh semen can be shipped

1x BIS (out of 7300 dogs!)

6x BIG

13x BOB

23x CAC

9x Junior CAC

Crufts qualified

Junior Winner 2018

Dutch Junior Champion 2019

Belgian Junior Champion 2019

German Junior Champion 2019

Europa Sieger 2019

Spring Winner 2019

Latin Winner 2019

Benelux Winner Belgium 2019

Studbooknumber & Crufts qualified for life

Bundes Sieger 2019

VDH Winner of the Year 2019

Fitch can add another title to his list: "VDH Winner of the Year 2019". It seems to be the most difficult title in Germany and since this title was invented, only 1 Labrador achieved it before. Valerie from Fam.Korff. So Valerie and Fitch are the only Labs with this title so far! You need to win at least 2 CACIB's at the "4 important German shows": Europasieger, Bundessieger, Annual Trophy or German Winner Show. Plus at least 2 CACIB's at other International Shows. All need to be won within 1 calendar year. Since Fitch won the CACIB at the Europasieger and Bundessieger and 2 other CACIB's in Bremen and Dortmund, he can add the title to his name now. He can even be entered in Championclass with this title and he's only 23 months old!


When we used the stunning American dog BISS.Am.Ch.Clearcreek Bonaventure Dust in the Wind for our lovely black girl Int.Sh.Ch.Clearcreek Bonaventure Texas Cowgirl, we could only hope and keep our fingers crossed for a nice litter. Luckily, Texa got in whelp of a good sized litter and it even turned out to be an amazing litter when it comes to health, temperament and type! 4 puppies from this litter can be found in the showring and passed their hip, elbow & eye certs too!

Fitch almost 2 years old

Fitch at 1 year

Fitch has amazing showresults already! Here are some nice critiques written by judges:

Nearly two years old. Top quality dog. Correct size and proportions. Beautiful head with correct ears, eyes and expression. Beautiful outline all over. Strong neck going into a front which is a pleasure to go over: well angulated, good forechest, and brisket. Good topline and tailset. Very well angulated hindquarters with nice short hocks. Straight front legs with very good bone and feet. Parallel movements in coming and going. A joy to look at in profile! (BOB in Bremen, judge Mrs.Van Genechten)

Eyecatching yellow. Lovely head with a smiling expression. Correct eye, ear and bite. Body & constructionwise, like a Labrador should be! Super temperament and sound on the move. (BOB in Echt, judge Mrs.Mensink)

Lovely outline. Deep bodied with good spring. Nice short loin. Lovely shoulder and rear angulation. Good strong neck into good topline. Good coat. Moved very well. I do really like this dog! (BOB in Venray, judge Mrs.Connoly)

15 months old. Stunning young male of an excellent type. Masculine head with correct proportions. Good eye, good earset and correct dentition. Elegant neck, flowing into a good topline and correct tailset. Enough chest and depth of brisket. Good bone and feet. Good coatcondition. Fabulous presented and stunning on the move. (BOB Eindhoven, judge Mrs.Boesmans)

Yellow, lovely breed type. Perfect muscle condition. Good topline, nice bone, powerfull rear. Stands four square. (BOS Beckum, judge Mrs.Mortier)

Really lovely boy with lovely Labrador expression. Excellent outline. Excellent angulations in front & rear. Excellent topline and tailset. Correct ottertail. Lovely temperament. In nice condition + undercoat. Very sound mover. Really attractive dog. Everything is correct for the age. (BOS Rijnland, judge Zeppi)

A future star! Could handle the whole showring already. Pleasing male head. Excellent pigmentation and eyecolour. Well set ear. Nice neck & topline. Good ribcage. Excellent bone and feet. Excellent coat. Super happy puppy who moves through the ring with allure. (BOB Baby Goes, Mrs.Halff-van Boven)

With of course the highlight of going BEST IN SHOW at the Europasieger show in Dortmund out of 7300 dogs!!!

@ 12 months in Brussel going BOB & BEST IN GROUP!

Fitch has sired some litters now and he seems to put his stamp on his offspring. Producing great heads, front, bone and coat. His first offspring do really well in the showring already.

King Fields Sneezy @ 4 months

King Fields Grumpy @ 4 months

Some King Fields puppies, 7 weeks old.

Riverflow Abercrombie Everytime @ 5 months

Born at the Riverflow kennel, 6 weeks old.

Born at the Eyes of the River kennel, 6.5 weeks old, out of Mattand Sneak a Peak (Imp.UK)


Fitch is available to approved females who are hip, elbow and eye scored. You can contact us at nugte132@planet.nl

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Fitch' lovely parents:



- 1st in Open + 2 VDH CAC's + LCD CAC + CAC/CACIB + BOS + Bundessieger 2019 ... Mr.Gawthorpe (UK)

Fitch is also VDH Winner of the Year 2019!

Here is Fitch pictured with his nephew 'Boy' who won the Bundes Jugend Sieger title!

- 1st in Open + CAC/CACIB + BOB + BIG2 in Maastricht ... Mr.Peixoto (P)

- 1st in Open + CAC/CACIB in Maastricht ... Mrs.Peixoto (P)

- 2nd in Open + Studbooknumber + Crufts qualified for life ... Driffield ... Mrs.McGillivray (UK)

- 2nd in Intermediate at the LKN Clubshow ... Mrs.Herman (Sl)

- 1st in Intermediate + Best Male #2 + Res.CAC at the Tripleshow 3 in Hasmark, Denmark ... Mrs.Jokisilta (Fi)

- 1st in Intermediate + Best Male + CAC at the Tripleshow 2 in Hasmark, Denmark ... Mrs.Sneider (USA)

- 1st in Intermediate + Best Male #2 + Res.CAC at the Tripleshow 1 in Hasmark, Denmark ... Mr.Williamson (UK)

- 1st in Open + VDH CAC + CAC + BOB + BIG2 in Bremen ... Mrs.van Genechten (BE) & Mr.Eberhardt (D)

- 1st in Open + VDH CAC + CAC/CACIB + BOB + BIG1 in Bremen ... Mr.King (Aus) & Mr.Muldoon (Ir)

- 1st in Intermediate + CAC/CACIB + BOB + BIG3 at the Benelux Winnershow in Liege ... Mr.Vanaken (B)

- 1st in Intermediate + CAC/CACIB + BOB + BIG3 in Echt ... Mrs.Mensink (NL)

- 1st in Intermediate + Res.CAC at the Dutch Lab Clubshow in Bennekom ... Mr.Hoenderken (NL)

- 1st in Intermediate + CAC/CACIB + BOB + BIG1 in Venray ... Mrs.Connoly (Ir)

- 1st in Intermediate + French Mandatory CAC + CACIB + Latin Winner'19 + BOB + BIG1 at the Championnat de France in Paris ... Mrs.Boesmans (BE)

- 1st in Intermediate + 2 VDH CAC's + DRC CAC + CACIB + ES'19 + BOB + BIG1 + BEST IN SHOW out of 7300 dogs at the Europasieger show in Dortmund ... Mr.Rutten (NL) & Mrs.Navarro (ES) & Mr.Jakkel (H)

- 1st in Intermediate + VDH CAC + DRC CAC + CACIB + BOB + with the final 6 in the Group in Dortmund ... Mrs.Boesmans (BE)

- 1st in Junior + Junior CAC + Best Junior + Best Male at the German Lab Clubshow in Beckum ... Mrs.Mortier (USA)

- 1st in Intermediate in Zwolle Day 2 ... Mrs.Pillement-Heijden (NL)

- 1st in Intermediate + CAC/CACIB + BOB in Zwolle Day 1 ... Mrs.Eelman (NL)

- 1st in Intermediate + CAC/CACIB in Leiden ... Mr.Zeppi (It)

- 1st in Junior + Junior CAC -> Belgian Junior Champion + Best Youngster in Weelde ... Mrs.Savolainen (Fi)

- 1st in Junior + Junior CAC + Best Youngster in Herne ... Mrs.Bailiss (UK)

- 1st in Junior + Junior CAC -> Dutch Junior Champion + CAC + BOB + BIG1 in Eindhoven ... Mrs.Boesmans (BE)

- 1st in Junior + Junior CAC in Moeskroen ... Mrs.Gonzalbo (ES)

- 1st in Junior + Junior CAC + Best Male + CAC + BOB in Venray ... Mrs.Mensink (NL)

- 1st in Junior + Junior CAC + Junior Winner 2018 + Crufts Qualification at the Amsterdam Winnershow ... Mr.de Giuliani (It)

- 1st in Junior + Junior CAC + Best Junior in Breed + Best Male + BOB + BIG1 in Brussel ... Mrs.Rautala (Fi) (and group judge Mrs.de Cuyper-Boesmans (Be)

- 1st in Junior + Junior CAC + Best Junior in Breed in Wesel ... Mr.Masia (It)

- 1st in Puppyclass + Best Puppy in Breed at our NLV Dutch Lab Clubshow ... Mrs.Jaussi (Sw)

- 1st in Puppy + Best Puppy in Breed in Dortmund ... Mrs.Goor (Is)

- 1st in Baby + Best Baby in Breed + BIS Baby at the Belgian Retriever Clubshow ... Mrs.Coode (UK)

- 1st in Baby + Best Baby in Breed in Goes ... Mr.Boelaars (NL)

- 1st in Baby + Best Baby in Breed in Goes ... Mrs.Halff-van Boven (NL)