Last update: 7 September 2019

We hope to have a black litter in October. For the moment, we take no reservations. More information will be published later, once pregnancy has been confirmed.

However, several breeders have/expect litters from our stud dogs this autumn. You could get in touch with them, if you're interested in a well bred puppy.

From Knox: Music Forest (yellow)

From Fitch: Crystal Spirit (black/yellow), Fairytale's Edition (black/yellow)

From Jake: Hunting Friend (chocolate), Rhona's Home (chocolate), du Grand Trianon (chocolate)

From Mac: Sense of Peasure (yellow), Caramel Cracker (yellow)

From Capi: Emperor's Pride (black), Wizzy Wicked's (black/yellow), van het Florijntje (black/yellow), Bubbles Roots (black), Aprilmist (black/yellow)