7 & 8 December 2019

A lovely weekend at the Austrian Christmas Shows in Wels. Apart from the 2 shows, we visited the Weihnachtsmarkt and ate typical Wiener Schnitzel and Apfelstrudel.

Once again Fitch rocked the showring!

Day 1: CAC/CACIB + BOB + BIG3 (Judge: Mrs.Berchtold)

Day 2: CAC/CACIB + BOB + BIG1 !!! (Judge: Mrs.Hollings and Group Judge Mr.Berchtold)

This is Fitch' 8th Group Win in 5 different countries.

Furthermore we received the x-ray results of Fitch' nephew, our young male 'Boy'. Check him out on the males page!

17 November 2019

A wonderful day at the Eurodogshow in Belgium!

Fitch went 1st in Open + CAC/CACIB + BOB + Best in Group + Best in Show #3 out of almost 2500 entered dogs!!!

The judges were Mrs.Blay (UK) & Cuyper (BE) & Mr.Stanton (S)


Fitch wins the Res.CC at Midland Counties Champshow in the UK!

Approx. 185 Labs were entered. Judge: Mr.Metcalfe.


Fabulous day at the Bundessieger Show in Dortmund!

Judges Becci Hodge and Karl Gawthorpe had a big entry of 100 Labs and exhibitors came from all over Europe with quality dogs.

Our young star Swissking Admirals Beach Boy won 1st in Junior + Junior CAC + Bundes Jugend Sieger 2019!!!

Our adult star Woefdram's Abercrombie won 1st in Open + 2 VDH CAC's + LCD CAC + CACIB + BOS + Bundes Sieger 2019!!!

Huge thanks to the judges!

When we arrived home, I found out Fitch can add another title to his list: "VDH Winner of the Year 2019".

It seems to be the most difficult title in Germany and since this title was invented, only 1 Labrador achieved it before. Valerie from Fam.Korff.

So Valerie and Fitch are the only Labs with this title so far!

You need to win at least 2 CACIB's at the "4 important German shows": Europasieger, Bundessieger, Annual Trophy or German Winner Show.

Plus at least 2 CACIB's at other International Shows. All need to be won within 1 calendar year.

Since Fitch won the CACIB at the Europasieger and Bundessieger and 2 other CACIB's in Bremen and Dortmund, he can add the title to his name now.

He can even be entered in Championclass with this title and he's only 23 months old!

28 & 29-09 2019

Back to back CACIB show in Maastricht!

Our boys did well!

Fitch got the CAC/CACIB and both days and went on to win BOB and 2nd in the Group on sunday!

King won his last Junior CAC and finished his Dutch Junior Championship!

Thanks to the judges Mr & Mrs Peixoto!


A lovely day with our 2 yellow boys Fitch & Boy in the UK at Driffield Champ Show

155 Labs were entered, of which 36 puppies.

Our Boy (Swissking Admirals Beach Boy) was placed 1st in Puppy + Best Puppy Dog + Best Puppy in Breed!

And in the Gundog Puppy Group he was placed 2nd!

Fitch was placed 2nd in Openclass out of 10 Champion males and with this win, he gained his Studbooknumber & Crufts qualified for life!


Dutch Lab Clubshow of the LKN, 200 Labs entered, 3 judges.

We brought our 3 super boys and did well.

Woefdram's Abercrombie was placed 2nd in Intermediate

Ch.Maroma's Captain Cove was placed 1st in Open out of 21 males

Swissking Admirals Beach Boy was placed 1st in Junior + Junior CAC + Best Junior + Res.CAC at his debut show in Holland!!!

24 & 25-08-2019 Tripleshow Hasmark, Denmark

What an amazing event! My favourite show ever when it comes to flawless organisation, good sportsmanship, good atmosphere and lovely dogs!

It's called 'the Potomac of Europe' because there are 3 shows in 1 weekend, 4 breed specialists as judges and almost 400 entered Labs over the weekend.

Apart from this, our dogs did very well too!

We took 3 boys with us. It was the debut show for our young star "Swissking Admirals Beach Boy".

He'll get a page on our website once he passed all the health tests.

Boy is by Multi.Ch.Bravo Messi WW'17 and Dutch.Ch.Bling Bling Bella Mare.

Show 1: 1st in Puppyclass males + BOS Puppy under Mr.Williamson

Show 2: 1st in Puppyclass males + BOB Puppy under Mrs.Sneider

Show 3: 1st in Puppyclass males + BOB Puppy under Mrs.Jokisilta

Of course we took our super star Fitch also with us.

Fitch was one of the most consistent dogs of the show, winning his class at all 3 shows including 1 CAC and 2 Res.CAC's!!!

The English, American and Scandinavian judge liked him a lot.

And then we have our Mexican boy Capi.

He also did a great job by getting a 2nd place in Championclass + Best Male #3 + Res.CAC under Kathy Sneider

and by getting a 1st placement in Championclass + Best Male #3 under Hannele Jokisilta.

This was the lovely showground and the cabins you could rent. The beach was very close to the camping site, which was so nice!

This show is a great experience. Everybody should try and come to this show at least once!

03 & 04-08-2019 Double show in Bremen

Once again a fantastic weekend for Fitch!

On saturday he won the Openclass + VDH CAC + CAC/CACIB + BOB under Gundog Specialist Mr.Peter King from Australia.

Later that day Fitch won the Group under Mr.John Muldoon from Ireland!!!

On saturday Fitch repeated his breed results by winning Open + VDH CAC + CAC + BOB under Mrs.Leen van Genechten from Belgium.

In the Group he was placed 2nd under Mr.Eberhardt from Germany!!

Huge thanks to the judges! Where one judge started his critique by saying 'top quality dog', the other judge finished his critique by saying 'top class dog' :)

Such a special dog he is! Shown 26 times, unbeaten in his class, 12x BOB and 6 Group Wins so far!


Great day at the big Benelux Winnershow in Belgium.

Our young boy Loretta King of Hearts was placed 2nd in Junior but Fitch stole the show by going 1st in Intermediate + CAC/CACIB + BOB. He became Benelux Winner 2019!

In a lovely Gundog Group, he was placed 3rd!

Fitch has now won 10 BOB's and 8 CACIB's (in 4 different countries) and he's only 20 months old!

Big thanks to the breed judge Mr.Vanaken en Group judge Mr.Belkis!


Last week we also received great news that King has A-hips, 0-0 elbows and Clear eyes!


IDS Hannover and IDS Nightshow Echt.

Loretta King of Hearts won 1st in Junior + Junior CAC in Hannover

Ch.Maroma's Captain Cove was placed 2nd in Open


And Woefdram's Abercrombie rocked the ring at the Nightshow in Echt with winning 1st in Intermediate + CAC/CACIB + BOB + BIG3!!!

Thanks to the judges!


Good day at the Annual Dutch Lab Clubshow. More than 200 Labradors were entered and judged by 4 judges.

Loretta King of Hearts 1st in Junior + Junior CAC out of 20 Junior males

Ch.Maroma's Captain Cove 2nd in Open out of 30 males

Woefdram's Abercrombie 1st in Intermediate + Res.CAC

Thanks to Mr.Hoenderken & Mrs.McCulloch


3rd GROUP WIN for Fitch in a row!

Fitch went 1st in Intermediate + CAC/CACIB + BOB.

After going BIG in Dortmund and BIG in Paris ... he went BEST IN GROUP again in Venray! Huge thanks to Mrs.Connoly (Ir)

Fitch has won 5 times the Group already! He's a star!


Fitch is on a roll!

We have never shown in France before, so we decided to enter Fitch for the famous "Championnat de France" in Paris. The show had a total entry of more than 8000 dogs.

I guess it's a famous & important show for the French exhibitors because you need the CAC of this specific show to become French Champion. It's like a mandatory point.

We're over the moon with Fitch' result!

He was placed 1st in Intermediate, won the mandatory CAC and even went on to win the CACIB, Best Dog, BOB and... BEST IN GROUP in the mainring!!!

Looking at Fitch' recent showresults, I think he did something amazing at the 3 biggest shows lately:

* BOB + BEST IN GROUP in Brussel


* BOB + BEST IN GROUP in Paris


Right after the fabulous weekend in the UK when our dream came true with Knox getting his UK.Sh.Ch-title... we had another AMAZING weekend at the show in Dortmund, Germany!

Our star Woefdram's Abercrombie (Fitch) went all the way to... BEST IN SHOW out of 7300 dogs!!!

On friday at the Spring Winner show, Mrs.Boesmans gave Fitch 1st in Intermediate + VDH CAC + DRC CAC + CACIB + BOB and he was selected with the final 6 in the Group.

On sunday at the Europasieger show, Mr.Rutten gave Fitch 1st in Intermediate + 2 VDH CAC's + DRC CAC + CACIB + ES'19 + BOB.

Mrs.Carmen Navarro placed Fitch 1st in a lovely Gundog Group!!!

And the new president of the FCI, Mr.T.Jakkel (H), made Fitch BEST IN SHOW out of 7300 dogs!!!

HUGE thanks to all the judges for making this possible. To make another dream come true: going BIS with an own bred dog!

Also big thanks to all our friends for the support, cheers in the ring and messages after the show. It's a day we'll never forget!



Our wonderful boy Ch.Mocnys Knoxville became a UK SHOW CHAMPION at the 160th Anniversary show of the 'National in Birmingham'. A lovely entry of almost 200 Labradors.

Huge thanks to Mrs.Linda McGillivray of Antonine Labs for giving Knox his first CC & for having him at your place for a year in 2017 & for getting his 2nd CC under Mrs.J.Peak!

Huge thanks to Mrs.T.Jakkel for his 3rd & crowning CC today!


Fitch is now called: Woefdram's Abercrombie JW'18 NJK'19 BJK'19 DJK'19. He finished his Dutch, Belgian and German Junior Championships by winning the 3 Junior CAC's in a row!

In 14 months of showing (17 shows attended) Fitch has been unbeaten in his regular classes & at the clubshows in Holland, Belgium and Germany!


Mrs.Pauline Mortier (USA) of Lubberline Labs judged all Labs at the German Labrador Clubshow in Beckum. She loved Fitch and gave him 1st in Junior + Junior CAC.

Later that day he became Best Junior and she even made him Best Male!

A great way to finish his showcareer in Juniorclass!


After a long time with mostly yellows in our kennel... we are thrilled to welcome 2 blacks from Mexico! Check out the males page for more information about Capi and King!


Super weekend at the Double CACIB show in Zwolle (total entry of 3000 dogs). On both days the Labs had one of the biggest entries of the show.

Day 1:

Woefdram's American McDreamy 1st in Junior + Junior CAC + Best Junior in Breed!

Woefdram's Abercrombie 1st in Intermediate + CAC/CACIB + BOB!

Day 2:

Woefdram's American McDreamy 1st in Junior + Junior CAC + Best Junior in Breed + CAC + BOB!

Woefdram's Abercrombie 1st in Intermediate

What a weekend for the brothers! Huge thanks to the judges Mrs.Eelman & Mrs.Pillement-Heijden!


Great day at the Int.Show in Leiden!

First time for Woefdram's Abercrombie in Intermediateclass. He's only 16 months old but he's maturing beautifully so we decided to give it a try.

The judge loved him and said he'll be a super star when fully matured.

Fitch won the 1st placement in Intermediate and went on to win... Best dog + CAC/CACIB!!!

Nice news! Both Fitch and Mac sired their first litter and some more girls are in whelp of 'the brothers. We're looking forward to see their offspring.


Great day at the German Labrador Clubshow in Herne. Breed specialist Christine Bailiss (Tissilian Labs, UK) had a huge entry.

Fitch - Woefdram's Abercrombie wins 1st in Junior + Junior CAC + Best Youngster!

His brother Mac - Woefdram's American McDreamy wins 1st in Intermediate + VDH CAC!

One more Junior CAC to go for Fitch' German Junior Championship and so nice that Mac has made the start for his adult German Championship with only 15 months!


Fitch did it again!!!

What a day at the All Breed Show in Eindhoven! Huge thanks to the judge Mrs.Boesmans (BE)!

Woefdram's Abercrombie wins:

- 1st in Junior + Junior CAC. It was his 3rd Junior CAC in a row so he's now Dutch Junior Champion.


- Best Dog

- Best of Breed

... and then, he went GROUP WINNER!!!


Woefdram's Abercrombie (Fitch) wins 1st in Junior + Junior CAC at the All Breed show in Moeskroen (Belgium).

Fitch has won 2 Junior CAC's in Belgium... so 1 to go!


Dutch Top Dog of the Year Show 2018

One of the nicest shows with only the best dogs as you need to qualify for this show by winning BOB at our Clubshow or by getting a 1st/2nd/3rd placement in the Group at an All Breed show in Holland.

Not easy at all for a Lab.

Only 5 Labradors qualified last year and we're proud to say that we qualified 3 of them!

We took our Mac - Woefdram's American McDreamy with us. He showed wonderfully and moved like a dream on 'the famous catwalk'.

He was selected as 'Best Labrador' and ended up with the final selection of 6 out of 30 Gundogs!


Last show of the year: All Breed Christmas show in Venray with Mrs.Mensink (NL) judging all Labs.

There was a great entry, with even more Labs than at our Winnershow in Amsterdam last weekend.

Showyear 2018 started for our kennel with a BOB and ended with a BOB as well!

Woefdram's Abercrombie (Fitch) won:

1st in Junior + Junior CAC

Best Male + CAC


Selected with the final 6 in the Gundog Group under Mr.F.Kane (UK).

This stunning boy is on a roll! We can't wait to show him & his brother Mac in 2019.


Looking back at 2018, it has been a fabulous year for our kennel.

Both Fitch & Mac passed their x-rays & all other health tests. They did some nice winnings in the baby & puppy classes but now they're in Junior, so the 'real job' has started.

In only three months time they've won: 11 Junior CAC's, 5 CAC's, Dutch Junior Champion, Bundes Jugendsieger 2018, Junior Winner 2018, Crufts qualification, 4 BOB's and 2 Gundog Group wins.

There were 25 CACIB shows in Holland in 2018, we attended 16 and won 8x BOB. Not bad at all, we think! Big thanks to all the judges for making this possible!


We'd also like to thank all the bitch owners for using our studs last year. The boys have produced some lovely offspring. Thank you for your trust!


Happy holidays!


Great weekend at the CACIB shows in Amsterdam.

Friday was the Holland Cup with Mrs.Warendorf (NL) judging Labs. Mac won his 7th Junior CAC + Res.CAC

On sunday was the Winner Show with Giuliani (It) judging Labs. Fitch won his 1st Junior CAC in Holland + Junior Winner 2018+ Crufts Qualification!!!


Trophee show Brussel - with Eeva Rautala judging all Labs.

We only entered Fitch - Woefdram's Abercrombie, because we hoped to win the Crufts qualification.

This show was the only Crufts qualifying show in Belgium in 2018, which you could see in the entry. There were exhibitors from all over Europe with many good dogs.

The judge loved Fitch and made him 1st in Junior + Junior CAC + Crufts qualification!!!

But it only got better...

Fitch became:

Best Youngster

Best male

Best of Breed

Best in Group!!!

Some people were wondering if we still had him because I was only showing his brother Mac recently. Well... here he is ;-)

We are proud that both Fitch & Mac are now Crufts qualified and both Gundog Group Winner at only 12 months of age!


Bundessieger show Dortmund - with Carole Coode and Emma Archibald judging approx. 100 Labradors.

Woefdram's American McDreamy won a strong Juniorclass of 13 males + Junior CAC + BJS'18 + Crufts qualification + Best Youngster!!!


Our young boy Mac is on a roll!

Last weekend we went to the double CACIB show in Bleiswijk. On saturday Retriever Specialist Mr.Fryckstrand from Sweden was judging a nice Lab entry.

Our Mac won the Junior class + junior CAC, went on to win Best Dog + CAC and BOB!

In the mainring he showed beautifully. Mac won the Group!!! And later on he went BIS-6 out of more than 1200 dogs. What a day!

Then on sunday, under judge Mr.Simons, it 'almost' went as well as saturday. Once again Mac won Junior + Junior CAC + CAC + BOB and in the Group he was placed 2nd.

Amazing results and we're very proud of him!


Woefdram's American McDreamy (Mac) finished his Dutch Junior Championship!

At the double CACIB show in Rotterdam he won the Junior CAC on both days. On saturday he even went Best Dog + full CAC and on sunday he won the Res.CAC.

Our young showstar became NJK'18 in only 3 shows.

On saturday Mac was beaten by his half sister Bling Bling Bella Mare for BOB. She became BIG2 and BIG1 junior in group 8! She finished her Dutch Junior Championship as well!


Our young boys Fitch & Mac are no puppies anymore! And their start in Juniorclass has been wonderful!

Fitch became 1st in Junior + Junior CAC + Best Junior at the Lab Clubshow in Wesel under Mr.Beppe Masia (It)

Mac became 1st in Junior + Junior CAC + Res.CAC at the All Breed Show in Rotterdam under Mrs.B.Scheel (DK)


Some new offspring pictures of our Knox, Sports and Jake.

The yellows are by Knox (born at the Wizzy Wicked kennel), the blacks by Sports (born at the Joyhearts kennel) and the chocolates by Jake (born at the Husarska Sfora kennel) :)


Wow, our Hyspire Sunnydaze Sports Night won 1st in Intermediate + VDH CAC + CAC + CACIB + LCD CAC + BOB in Hannover!!! Under good competition and quality dogs. This was only his 2nd show ever.

Knox won Championclass + VDH CAC.

Bling won Junior class females+ VDH Jr.CAC + LCD Jr.CAC!!!

Big thanks to the breed judge Mrs.Vanessa Malkmus!


June has been a month full of emotions.

On the 17th of June we went to the Dutch Lab Clubshow. The show had a good entry of 250 Labs, with 4 judges to judge them.

Our Knox became 2nd in Open out of 26 males

Mia became 2nd in Open out of 41 females

Summer became 3rd in Bred By out of 14 females

Sports became 4th in Intermediate out of 12 males

Bling won the huge Juniorclass of 40 females + Junior CAC!!!

Fitch won 1st in Puppy males + BIS puppy!!!

His litter brother Mac stood behind him, on the 2nd place.


Then in the end of June we had to let our Troy go.

21/11/2007 - 21/06/2018

We are very sad because this dog meant everything for Marian. He will live on through his children. R.I.P Troy

But also in the end of June we welcomed the lovely 'Grand.Ch.Sunnydaze Lincoln Navigator at Zadora' in our kennel. This gorgeous chocolate has got his own page on our website.

02-04-2018 Int. show Goes

A wonderful weekend for our kennel at the back to back CACIB show in Goes. On saturday Mrs.Kadike Skadina (LV) was the judge.

We've never shown under her before so we didn't know what to expect but it feels like we took it all! Best Baby, Best Junior, both CAC's & BOB!

The same happened on sunday under judge Mrs.Halff-van Boven (NL)!

Woefdram's American McDreamy (Mac), at his very first show on saturday, won 1st in Baby + Best Baby in Breed and was selected with the final 6 in the mainring!

Woefdram's Abercrombie (Fitch), at his very first show on sunday, did the same thing as his brother. He won 1st in Baby + Best Baby in Breed and was selected with the final 6 in the mainring!

A wonderful debut for both brothers.

Mrs.Halff-van Boven wrote a lovely critique on Fitch: "A star to be. He can handle the whole showring already. Pretty masculine head. Excellent pigmentation, eyecolour, correct earset.

Nice neck/topline. Great ribcage. Excellent bone, legs & feet. Excellent coat. A super happy puppy who already moves through the ring with allure."

Int.Sh.Ch.Mocnys Knoxville is back home from his holiday in Scotland.

He showed he's back in town by going 1st in Champion + CAC/CACIB + BOB on both days!!! He showed perfectly and looks great.