Fabulous start of showyear 2024!

Blue goes Best in Show at the German Retriever Clubshow!

Big thanks to the judges Mr Shields (UK) and Mrs Rathenau (NL)!

Our American chocolate Chuck did well too. He won Open + CAC on saturday and 2nd in Open + Res.CAC on Sunday

December 2023

Hat trick 3x BOB for Blue in Wels/Austria!



Day 3: CAC/CACIB/BOB (couldn't stay for the mainring as we had to drive 10h homewards)

Big thanks to the judges Mrs.Wolf, Mrs.Naarits, Mrs.Archibald, Mr.Urosevic, Mrs.Urschitz

November 2023

What a start of this month!

Blue wins BOB, Best in Group and BEST IN SHOW at the Bundessieger Show in Dortmund! 7300 dogs were entered for this 3-day-event!

Huge thanks to Mrs Toeters, Mr Komorowski, Mr Jakkel and Mr Dupas for making this win happen!

This will always be a special show for us, since Fitch went BIS there in 2019!


Then at the Frysland Cup we entered 3 boys. Mr.Doval from Spain was judging them.

Mattie won 1st in Veteran and finished his Dutch Veteran Championship.

Chuck won 1st in Open + Res.CAC but won the full CAC/CACIB because he won it behind Blue.

Blue went Best Dog + BOB + BIG3

October 2023

BOB, Best in Group and Res. BEST IN SHOW at the All Breed Show in Leuven! Huge thanks to Mrs Boesmans & Mr Schäfer!


Another brilliant day in the UK at Midland Counties!

Huge entry for Labs (around 230) and superstar Blue wins his 4th CC, BOB and just like in Belfast last month he made the cut (final 7) in a lovely Gundog Group of approx. 30 dogs!

Huge thanks to Mrs Linda Thompson for recognizing our boy!


Good day at the Int. All Breed Show in Bleiswijk.

Blue picked up another CAC/BOB and went on to win BIG3!

Thank you Mrs.Warendorf and Mr.Boelaars!

September 2023

Dreams do come true! Our superstar Blue finished his UK Show Championship!

The fact Blue won his 3 CC's in only 3 times showing him in the UK, just blows our mind!

CC & BOB in July (Mr.Sauge) and then in one weekend CC & BOB at Belfast (Mr.Fryckstrand) and CC & BOB at Lab Club N.I. (Mrs.Lesley).

Huge thanks to the judges!

It was a long journey, but we floated home!

August 2023

Blue goes Best of Breed at the Grand Prix Show in Geneva and made the cut in the Group!

Thank you for the quality pictures Val & Maya!

July 2023

Fabulous start of the month!

We have visited Denmark, Germany, Belgium and Austria for some shows in the last few months. It was about time to go a bit more West so we decided to go to the UK for a showtrip.

We picked one of those magical Champ Shows with a great venue: Windsor Champshow at Windsor Castle.

Mr.JR.Sauge from Norway judged 160 entries for Labradors.

We were thrilled that our Multi.Ch.Lab'SPb Gazprom was placed 1st in a strong Open Class and went on to the win the CC and BOB!!!

Huge thanks to the judge and to the friendly English people for the ringsupport. We hope to be back soon.

June 2023

Only one show this month, but a great show: our Dutch Labrador Clubshow.

3 judges judging 130 Labs.

Blue went Best Dog, CAC, BOB, Clubwinner '23 and finished his Dutch Championship as well!

Huge thanks to the dog judge Mr.Gruber and Mrs.Dantinnes for the agreement of BOB.

May 2023

Another BOB and Group Win for Blue in Gorinchem!

And our old boy Mattie went Best Veteran in Breed!


European Dogshow 2023 in Denmark. We had a blast! Sooo many quality Labradors and a big entry. If your dogs win at shows like this, it's like dreams coming true!

EUROPEAN WINNER 2023 for Blue!

BOB Puppy & FUTURE HOPE OF EUROPE 2023 for Stil Lab Sodalite!

And then Soda finishes the day by going BIS puppy! Dreams do come true! It was the first show for her!

Big congrats to my Swedish friends Ellinor and Felix for the spectacular results of "our" Soda. Our girl has a bright future ahead of her :)

Thanks to the judges Mr.Espeland and Mrs.Nielsen for appreciating our dogs and these lovely results at the EDS!

April 2023

Fitch finished his American Championship!

Multi.Ch.Woefdram's Abercrombie (Fitch) wins Open Yellow and goes RWD at Potomac 2023!!!

Potomac USA is a Labrador show like no other: 1125 entries, 4 days of judging, great atmosphere and stunning dogs.

Thank you Fabian and Mia for having Fitch for a while and show him at Potomac. We're thrilled a dog of our breeding has been presented there and did so well!


With Fitch being in the spotlight, I almost forgot to mention our other yellow star Lab Spb Gazprom (Blue) is on a roll too. Picking up his 4th BOB in 4 different countries in 1 month of showing!

BOB & BIG2 in Antwerp. Judged by Mr.Heinesche & Mrs.Taulos

BOB in Salzburg. Judged by Mrs.Bartosova

BOB & BIG2 in Hazerswoude. Judged by Mrs.Swysen & Mr.Zeppi

BOB & BIG1 in Offenburg. Judged by Mrs.Berchtold & Mr.Machetanz


Big thanks to all the judges for appreciating our dogs!

18 March

Another great showday for our team!

Chuck won 1st in Open + Res.CACIB

Blue won 1st in Champion + CAC/CACIB + BOB

Chuck's offspring went Best Minor Puppy and Best Puppy in Breed!

Labs were judged by Mrs.Swysen from Belgium. Blue was placed 2nd in Group from over 300 entered Gundogs, judged by Mr.Zeppi from Italy

11 March

Fab start of the showseason for our super star Blue!

1st in Championclass + VDH CAC + CAC/CACIB + BOB + BIG1! in Offenburg!

3/4 September

Just after a great weekend in Denmark, we headed to the double German Lab Specialties.

Allison Rogers (Devonshire Labs) and Susan Huntzinger (Riverlane Labs) judging a fabulous, old fashioned, big entry this weekend.


We had entered our tricolore team: Blue, Chuck and Josh.

Day 1, Allison judging males:

Blue (Lab Spb Malibu) 1st in Junior + Junior CAC

Chuck (Cedarwood Choc 'n Chuckle) 2nd in Open + Res. VDH CAC

Josh (Am.Ch.Gallivant Broken Vow) 1st in Intermediate + VDH CAC + LCD CAC + Best Male + BOB!!!

Day 2, Susan judging males:

Blue 2nd in Junior + Res.LCD Jr.CAC

Chuck 3rd in Open

Josh (Am.Ch.Gallivant Broken Vow) 1st in Intermediate + VDH CAC + LCD CAC + Best Male + BOB!!!


Big thanks to the judges for making Josh BISS twice this weekend!

28 August

Back home from the LabEvent '22 in Denmark, also known as the "Potomac of Europe".

A great yearly event with breed specialists, entries from all over Europe and a fabulous atmosphere. Making a total entry of 384 this weekend.

2 breed specialists from America (Vonnie Russell & Judy Chambers) judging on saturday and 2 from Ireland (Alexander & Tracey Douglas) judging on sunday.

Josh made his debut and did a great job!

Finishing his Danish Championship! Quite a start in Europe!

23 April

We haven't been to many shows lately. But if we go, we go to a nice and big show like WDS or the European Dogshow in Paris!

It was a great "creme de la creme show" with exhibitors from all over Europe, a good entry of 160 Labs and breed specialist judges.

We went there with our tricolore American team: Sheldon, Chuck and newby Logan :)

It was the first show for our Logan. 1st in Minor Puppy Male.

Our Chuck did well too, getting a 4th in Intermediate males. It was a quality class. Chuck was one of the only 2 chocolate males who got a placement at this show.

But it was Sheldon who rocked the ring and was star of the day.

He won a quality Openclass and went on the win the CAC + CACIB + European Winner '22 + BOB!!!

Huge thanks to the judge Mr.Lammens for this honor!

15 & 16 November

What to do when your dog is sort of "finished" in Europe? Right! Show him in the States!

We loved this whole experience with Fitch. Big Specialties with 180 entered Labs, high quality dogs and SO many people we finally got to meet.

Fitch has a huge fanbase over there and they were all rooting for him. We're proud of our boy going RWD!!!

6 & 7 November

Another spectacular weekend, including a brand new Dutch Champion: Woefdram's American McDreamy!

All the way from Sweden he came for the double show in Bleiswijk. He won 1st in Open + CAC/CACIB which made him a Dutch Champion!

In the end, he also won BOB and Group1, judged by Mrs.Adrichem Boogaert-Kwint!

Just when you think it can't get any better...

Mac won 1st in Open + CAC/CACIB + BOB on Sunday again. Labs were judged by Mrs.Andersson from Sweden.

Later on Mac won the Group (judged by Mr.Andersson) and he went all the way to Res.Best in Show (judged by Mr.Doedijns) out of 1500 dogs!!!

What a way to finish his Dutch Championship! :)

22/23/24 October

Spectacular show weekend!

Friday, Bundessieger Show in Gelsenkirchen, Mr.Sauge (N) judging Labs

Chuck 3rd in Junior

Sheldon 1st in Open + 2 VDH CAC's + LCD CAC + Best Male + CACIB + BOB + Bundessieger 2021 + Crufts Qualification!

Saturday, CACIB Show Salburg Day 1, Mrs.Bartosova (Sk) judging Labs

Chuck 2nd in Junior

Sheldon 2nd in Open + Res.CACIB

Fitch 1st in Champion + CAC. Finished his Austrian Championship!!!

Sunday, CACIB Alpen Winner Show Salzburg Day 2, Mr.Doval (Es) judging Labs

Chuck 1st in Junior + Junior CAC + Alpen Jugendsieger 2021

Sheldon 2nd in Open

Fitch 1st in Champion + CAC/CACIB + Alpen Sieger 2021

3 October

World Dogshow 2021 in Brno/Czech Republic

1st in Championclass (21 entries) + Vice WW'21 for Fitch!!!

Huge thanks to the judge Mr.Berchtold!

29 August

Mocnys Knoxville

9 March 2014 - 29 August 21

Very unexpected we had to say goodbye to our "one in a million" dog.

21/22 August 2021

Great showweekend for Sheldon & Fitch!

On saturday Sheldon went BOB and German Winner in Gelsenkirchen! Labs were judged by breed specialist Mrs.Andrea Geller.

In the last few shows, Sheldon has achieved all his points for the German Championship!

Then on saturday it was Fitch' turn. He went BOB at the International Show in Antwerp. Labs were judged by Mrs Viviane Boesmans.

Fitch finished his Belgian Championship!

7/8 August 2021

Fabulous weekend for our American boy Sheldon, Hyspire Moon Pie!

Back to Back Clubshow in Germany with Tanja Nordhues & Vanessa Malkmus judging Labs.

Saturday: 1st in open (12 entries) + VDH CAC + Best Male + Best of Breed!!!

Sunday: 1st in Open (13 entries) + VDH CAC + Res.CAC

July 2021

Ch.Woefdram's Abercrombie is on a roll!

In one month of showing, Fitch finished his International Show Championship + Danish + Dutch + German VDH + German DRC Championship!

It's like ticking all the boxes now. Huge thanks to all the judges!

Also, July was a special month for our kennel. 25 years ago, our first litter was born.

Although our focus was on having males in the last few years, never say never when it comes to breeding a litter again!

June 2021

Finally, after a long time without shows, our super boy achieved what he deserves at the shows in Vejen/Denmark last weekend.

Best Male + CAC/CACIB + BOB and even BEST IN GROUP on saturday! This is Fitch' 9th Group win (in 6 different countries).

He finished his International Show Championship!

On sunday he won the CAC as well. This was his 3rd in Denmark so he finished his Danish Championship too.

Now known as:

Int.Sh.Ch.DK.Ch.Woefdram's Abercrombie JW'18 NJK'19 BJK'19 DJK'19 ES'19 BWB'19 BS'19

... or simply: Fitch :-)

7 May 2021

In the last few days we did some kennelvisits to see Sheldon's offspring. Our American guest produces nicely!

Hyspire Moon Pie (Sheldon) offspring

@ Flanders Pride

@ Roundwoods

@ Floretty Hof