Ch.Woefdram's No Fear

"Once in a lifetime, you get lucky..."


HD:A     ED:0-0

PRA: Carrier


20x CAC, 8x Res.CAC, 7x BOB, 2x Youth Winner '06 (in Holland and Austria), Schallaburg Jugendsieger '06, Bundessiegerin '07, 1st place Openclass 
+ CAC World Dogshow 2008, Austrian Champion, BOS at our Open Clubshow of the Dutch Labrador Club 2008, German VDH Champion,
Dutch Champion, qualified for Dog of the year 2008, qualified for Crufts, Studbook number (UK), International Show Champion, Rheinlandsiegerin 2010

Pixie is our 3rd "Woefdram's" generation. She's a kind, affectionated bitch with an active character. Also a happy girl who loves the showring
and enjoys every minute of it.

In 2009 she got her first litter by our Troy. It turned out to be a nice and healthy litter. One of them is Woefdram's Whiskey for Romeo, he lives in Germany.

When Pixie was 5 weeks in whelp of her 2nd litter (end 2011) she got a miscarriage. Unfortunately she got pyometra and we spayed her. We're very
sad as this means the end of the line we started 15 years ago with. But on the other hand we're able to look back at those lines with a lot of
pleasure and satisfaction. Pixie is the best bitch we've ever had and she made our kennel Internationally known. Pixie is now retired and lives
with our friends Fam.van der Hof in France.

Here are a couple of reports, written about Pixie:

Very nice yellow bitch with lots of qualities. Nice head, good neck and shoulders. Good body and quarters and set of the tail. Sound mover and well handled (Mr.Woolf)

Excellent type with a marvelous head & expression. Excellent pigmentation, good neck & topline. Excellent front & bone, excellent ribcage. Correct proportions of body.
Well angulated. Excellent mover with a perfect tail. (Mr.Borges)

Beautiful balanced bitch with kind head and expression. Excels in neck and shoulder. Good topline and tailset. Good ribcage. Strong quarters, superb mover (Mrs.Prior)

Yellow of compact body shape. Nice head, good pigmentation. Good eye color. Clean, strong neck flowing into well placed shoulders. Level topline and good tailset. Good depth of body.
Good turn of stifle. Stands four-square, shows well and moves with ease around the ring from her very powerful hindquarters (Mr.Givan)

Beautiful head and expression. Correct bite. Nice front angulation. Tight feet. Nice topline and ribcage. Good rear angulation. Excellent tail. Very sound bitch, moves with drive (Mr.Homem de Mello)

20 months old yellow bitch of excellent type. She is well balanced and a very sound mover. Feminin head with a kind expression. Very good neck, body, topline and tailset.
Strong quarters, well presented. (Mr.Iversen)

Super type yellow bitch, pleasing head + expression. Very good neck + shoulder. Enough bone, carrying enough weight. Good spring of rib, excellent 2nd tigh + stifle. Good topline + tailset. Moved with drive + purpose. Liked her a lot. (Mr.Stafford)


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Pixie 4 1/2 years old


BOS at our Open Clubshow of the Dutch Labrador Club 2008

1st in Open, CAC/CACIB, BOB, and Group 3rd at the Championship show in Rotterdam

1st in Open, Res.CAC/Res.CACIB at the Champ show in Uden

1st in Open + CAC World Dogshow 2008 in Stockholm



After showing there's still some time left for doing real Lab-things!

She loves to chew on her toys

Her first big success in the showring: Youth Winner 2006, Res.CAC & Qualified for Crufts at the Champ show in Amsterdam

Pixie as a youngster


- 2nd + Res.CAC/Res.CACIB in Luxembourg ... Mrs.Charlot (F)

- 2nd in Bennekom (out of 66 Open females), the Dutch Lab Clubshow... Mrs.Mjelde (N)

- Exc in the Championclass in Luxembourg... Mrs.Van Herle-Stevens (B)

- 1st + CAC + BOS + BOB + Rheinlandsiegerin 2010 in the Championclass in Rheinberg... Mrs.Melchior-Schlechter (L)

- 1st + CAC/CACIB + Best Female + BOB in the Championclass in Mechelen... Mr.Borges (P). From now on -

Showresults 2008/2007/2006

 30-11-2008   Amsterdam    Champion  1st  Mrs.Marshall (GB) 
 01-11-2008  Bleiswijk  Open

 2nd, Res.CAC/Res.CACIB 
 From now on - DUTCH CHAMPION!!!

 Mrs.Verbeek- de Neef (NL)
 25-10-2008  Utrecht  Open  2nd, Res.CAC/Res.CACIB  Mr.Woolf (GB)
 18-10-2008    Dortmund, Nationale Zuchtschau    Open

 1st, VDH CAC
 From now on - GERMAN VDH CHAMPION!!!

 Mrs.Molinari (P)
 17-10-2008  Dortmund, Bundessieger Zuchtschau  Open   1st, 2x VDH CAC + Res. DRC CAC/CACIB  Mrs.Winter (D)
 21-09-2008  Waalwijk, Open Clubshow of the NLV  Bred by  1st, Best Female (BOS)  Mrs.Rathenau (NL)
 14-09-2008  Zwolle   Open  1st, CAC/CACIB  Mrs.Mensink (NL)
 06-09-2008   Luxemburg  Open  Exc  Mr.Jentgen (L)
 31-08-2008   Rotterdam  Open  1st, CAC/CACIB, BOB + BIG3  Mr.Borges (P)
 23-08-2008  Innsbruck  Open  1st, CAC, Best Female - From now on 
 Mrs.Holmer (A)
 20-07-2008  Luxemburg  Open  1st, CAC, Best Female & BOB  Mrs.Phillips (GB)
 06-07-2008  World Dogshow 2008, Stockholm   Open (52 inscriptions)  1st, CAC!!!  Mrs.Prior (GB)
 05-07-2008   Älmäre Stäket, Sweden  Open (51 inscriptions)  Exc, selected with the last 10.  Mrs.Taylor (GB)
 04-07-2008  Älmäre Stäket, Sweden  Open (52 inscriptions)  Exc  Mr.Nolan (GB)
 28-06-2008  Uden  Open  1st, Res.CAC/ Res.CACIB   Mr.Coode (GB)
 22-06-2008   Lab Specialty in Bennekom  Bred by  2nd  Mr.Givan (GB)
 14-06-2008  Hulten   Open  3rd  Mr.Baelen (B)
 11-05-2008  Arnhem   Open  Exc  Mrs.Hogg (ZAF)
 06-04-2008  Goes   Open  1st, CAC/CACIB, BOB + BIG2  Mrs.Loch-Romans (NL)
 30-03-2008  Luxemburg   Open  2nd, Res.CAC  Mr.Kips (L)
 15-03-2008  Leiden  Open  4th  Mr. v.d Linden (NL)
 08-03-2008  Graz  Open  2nd, Res.CACA  Mrs.Nielsen (S)
 01-12-2007  Wels  Open  2nd, Res.CACA  Mrs.Razera-Brulin (S)
 30-09-2007  NÖ, Schallaburg   Intermediate  1st, CACA  Mr.Verrees (B)
 29-09-2007  Tulln  Intermediate  1st, Bundessiegerin 2007 CACA, 
 CACIB and qualified for Crufts.
 Mrs.Homem de Mello (P)
 25-08-2007  Innsbruck   Intermediate  1st, CACA  Mrs.Ting (D)
 21-07-2007  Oberwart   Intermediate  1st, CACA, CACIB & BOB  Mr.Iversen (N)
 10-06-2007  GieBen-Lich  Intermediate  1st, VDH CAC  Mr.Parrot (GB)
 26-05-2007  Clubsiegerschau  Intermediate  1st, CACA  Mr.Nolan (GB)
 12-05-2007  Diedersdorf  Intermediate  1st, VDH CAC + DRC CAC  Mr.Stafford (GB)
 10-03-2007   Graz  Youth  2nd  Mrs.Jarmer (A)
 02-12-2006  Wels   Youth  1st, Youth Winner 2006, 
 Best Female & BOB + BIG2
 Mrs.Huber (A)
 26-11-2006  Amsterdam  Youth  1st, Youth Winner 2006,
 Res.CAC and qualified for Crufts.
 Mrs.Toeters-Riethof (NL)
 01-10-2006  NÖ, Schallaburg  Youth  3rd, Schallaburg Jugendsieger 2006  Mrs.Carpanini (GB)
 30-09-2006  Tulln  Youth  2nd  Mrs.Winter (D)
 22-07-2006  Oberwart  Youth  3rd  Mrs.Poduschka- Aigner (A)
 15-06-2006   Weinberg  Puppy  1st  Mrs.Blackie (GB)